You’re here because you already know you want a gazebo. You understand how much value they can add to your backyard and how much comfort they can provide to your family and your guests.

You love that a good gazebo can provide shade from the sun, shelter from the elements, and a place to gather, eat, talk, and relax. You love that a gazebo can help make your home the neighborhood spot for parties. You love to entertain, and you know that a gazebo can act as an extension of your home.

The right gazebo can make your yard as inviting as your living room and also just as comfortable. Yep, you’re well versed in the pros of gazebos, but what you need is some direction on specific ones that might be right for your home.

When it comes to a backyard gazebo you have literally thousands upon thousands of options. In fact, the numbers might be even more staggering than that. You might as well as have a million options for as confusing and overwhelming as it can be.

You could spend your precious free time scrolling through page after page and site after site looking at gazebo reviews, specifications, and features, or you can consider the five fine attributes of Yardistry gazebos.

5 Reasons Why Yardistry Gazebos Are Right For You

Yardistry Gazebo

Yardistry builds premium gazebos that make a real statement. They transform your backyard from a chunk of green grass to a hub of entertainment and enjoyment. They manufacture all the parts and then send them to you for assembly, but don’t worry, with a little help and a little elbow grease, you’re gazebo will be up and running in no time. Here are five reasons you should choose a Yardistry gazebo.


1. Yardistry Sells Outdoor Rooms

You know them simply as gazebos, but Yardistry calls them outdoor rooms. It might sound like a sales gimmick, but there’s actually a lot of meaning to unpack behind the terminology.

Gazebos are traditional. They’re meant for parks and gardens and people dressed in seersucker suits and straw hats. An outdoor room on the other hand, is meant for you and your family. It’s meant to be an extension of your home. You have your living room, and your dining room, and your family room, and now your outdoor room.

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Just like with your living room, your outdoor room is a place for your friends and family to get together. It’s more than sparse patio furniture and a warped umbrella. By calling their gazebos and outdoor room they put an emphasis on claiming all of your home’s space as family space.

Because Yardistry gazebos are meant to be used in such a way they are designed to look and feel like an actual room. When you purchase a Yardistry gazebo you don’t just get four metal posts, a few stakes to hammer in, and a canvas canopy that you hope won’t blow away.

You get timber. You get a vaulted roof. You get the shelter and security of a backyard cabin that just happens to have four open walls to let the fresh air in with. You get the best of both worlds, and the best parts that your home has to offer.

This extension of your home is great for your family, and it’s great for your friends and neighbors. Let’s face it, it can be hard to get your family to sit down together for a meal, and it can be hard to get the same from your friends. Everyone is busy. Everyone has demanding schedules and a list of obligations a mile long. That goes for your kids too.

That means you sometimes have to pull out all the stops to make mealtime look as enticing as possible. What’s more enticing then steak on the grill, swiveling patio chairs, and a warm summer breeze? The only way to make that better is to offer a little shade from the glaring late day sun. Yardistry gazebos make all of that possible.

When you are finished assembling your Yardistry outdoor room you will see what a transformation it can make. You’ll see your backyard in a whole new way, and it might actually become your favorite room in your whole house.

quality materials

2. Yardistry Uses Quality Materials that Make All the Difference

It’s not easy to be a fixture in a backyard. Anything that remains outside and exposed to the elements has a long and often unhappy tale to tell.

Your poor patio furniture left in the sun and the rain is cracked, faded, and worn. Your birdfeeder is melted from the sun and heat. Your garden hose has all but lost its color and flexibility. Your wrought iron table is rusty. Your birdfeeder is moldy.

The list of your casualties to the outdoors is long, and so you understand just what you are asking from a gazebo. You are asking it to stand up against nearly insurmountable odds. You are asking it to do what so many other outdoor fixtures have failed at.

You need a structure that can withstand, well, everything. Yardistry knows this all-too-well, and that’s why they use only the best materials to construct their gazebos.

It all starts with the use of 100% premium cedar for the construction of the gazebo frames. Cedar is beautiful and durable, and it contains natural preservatives that help it resist decay. The lumber is also treated with a water-based stain that is both good for the environment and good for the life of your gazebo. It helps keep the wood finish sealed, protected, and performing well for you.

Of course it isn’t just that Yardistry uses cedar that makes their gazebos special, it’s the way they treat the cedar. You might notice that the cedar for your gazebo feels lighter than other wood. That’s because Yardistry kiln dries their cedar lumber to help remove excess moisture that can cause warping.

By removing this moisture in a kiln, Yardistry helps ensure that the lumber used to create your gazebo will remain, straight, flat, and true. That’s a must when you consider that you’ll be placing your gazebo on a patio, or concrete foundation. On such a level surface, you want to ensure that the beams remain straight otherwise your beautiful gazebo won’t look as elegant or be as sound.

While the cedar timbers offer your structure support, stability, and sustainability, the aluminum roof offers the perfect protection from the elements. The roof is snow tested and rust resistant, so you can feel free to get cozy underneath it any time of year.

It won’t collapse under the weight of debris. It won’t let water leak in during a rainstorm, and you’ll feel sheltered despite the open walls.


3. Yardistry Gazebo Designs are Rustic, but Contemporary

It’s not unusual to find gazebos that are either traditional or modern, but it’s hard to find ones that encompass both. A quick search of gazebos on the Internet reveals that most either look like they belong in a 19th Century English garden, or that they belong on the beach of a luxury resort.

Some gazebos simply look too cute and quaint for your living space, and others look too swanky and sophisticated. Yardistry manages to make gazebos that embrace the rustic charm of the outdoors, and still look stylish and contemporary.

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They do this mostly because of their commitment to honor the wood that forms each gazebo. The four main posts of each Yardistry gazebo are stately and regal, as well as functional. The vaulted exposed beams of the roof remind the gazebo’s occupants that the lumber is not simply a means to an end, but also part of the aesthetic of the piece.

The fact is, that the very same structure made of steel would appear sterile. It would get the job done, no doubt, but the cedar timbers breathe life into your gazebo. They connect you and your gazebo to the outdoors.

What you are left with is a sort of open cabin lodge that is inviting to friends and family alike.

You can play up that lodge factor using furniture and rugs and other décor, or you can use the cedar canvas as a backdrop for a sleeker look.

Just because Yardistry gazebos have a rustic charm doesn’t mean you have to go full mountain lodge and mount antlers on the wall. So what that really means is that you get to determine how your gazebo looks, and feels, and how you present it to your guests. It really is just a room that you can add as much or as little personality to as you like.

But no matter what you do, the vaulted ceiling, the exposed beams, and the massive posts will get all the attention that they deserve.


4. Yardistry Gazebos are Spacious

Yardistry may not have invented the spacious gazebo, but they have certainly perfected it. With vaulted ten-foot ceilings these outdoor rooms provide ample space to stretch, spread out, and relax.

They can easily fit a standard patio set of furniture from armchairs to love seats to dining tables, and they can do it with room to spare. Yardistry understands that the right amount of space is the difference between togetherness and separate television sets.

By providing gazebos that are big and spacious, Yardistry helps ensure that everyone can gather around the table and enjoy the conversation. The easier it is for your family to gather together, the more you’ll actually do it.

In fact, Yardistry gazebos are so inviting that they just may compel your children out of their rooms and onto the patio to actually you know, talk to you. Friends and neighbors will want to drop by. You’ll suddenly be the most popular people on the block because you have room to be so popular.

And then, on the quiet days, when the kids are off with friends, and the neighbors are on vacation, you can spread out and enjoy all that free space yourself. You can recline in a shady spot. You can call up into the vaulted beams and let your voice echo back, and you can be thankful for a little space of your own.


5. Yardistry is Committed to a Great Customer Experience

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Lots of places claim to pride themselves on their customer service. They put a nice paragraph on their website about how they care about their customers, and they promise a hassle-free experience, and call it a day.

But Yardistry takes their commitment to you, the customer, very seriously. They treat their customers, “as though their survival depends on it.” That is what it as at the core of your Yardistry experience, and it extends from the time of purchase through shipping, assembly, and troubleshooting.

Their support staff is ready for live chats, and they are responsive to email inquiries. Though they do sell their products through third-party sites they are ready and willing to respond when a part is missing, damaged in shipping, or needs replaced.  

No company wants there to be problems, but it’s how they handle them that is most important. Yardistry is with you every step of the way, and their only goal is for you to be happy with their product.

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Choose Yardistry for Your Outdoor Room

Choosing the right gazebo starts with choosing the right gazebo manufacturer. Yardistry understands what an important role a gazebo can play in your life, and they take that role very seriously in every aspect of their production. They painstakingly create spaces that are meant to be shared, built to last, and made to be beautiful.

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