Wood gazebos are classic. The traditional gazebo is made of wood, whether its whitewashed, stained, or left in its natural state.

Wood makes for a solid, durable structure, so it has been the go-to for over a century, when gazebos started to become popular.  

From classic to modern, wood gazebos still make a great addition to your outdoor landscape.

Factors to Consider when Shopping for Wood Gazebos

wooden gazebo with US flag hanging

While wood gazebos are the top choice for many, there are some factors you should keep in mind when shopping the market.


While gazebos come in all shapes and forms these days, classic gazebos are wood and octagonal or hexagonal in shape. These days you’ll find squares, rectangles ovals, and circles, and even grander decagon or dodecagon-shaped gazebos. Other factors to consider are ornamentation and whether you want the wood to be natural, stained, or painted. Whitewashed gazebos are evocative of yesteryear, however natural and stained variations are ever popular. As for ornamentation and extra features, turned spindles, victorian braces, baroque rails, and other features like screens are options to consider.  

Size and Cost

Size becomes a large factor when dealing with natural materials such as wood. The larger your structure, the more costly the materials and the labor. When you select the type of wood you want to use, keep in mind the intended size for your gazebo. Start with the style and size you’d like, then price out and compare materials and labor.

Best Woods to Use for Wooden Gazebos

Some woods weather the elements better than others, so when you’re selecting a material for your wooden gazebo, choose wisely.

You want to make sure the wood is rot-resistant. Cedar, redwood, Western red cedar, or treated wood is the way to go. Geography impacts costs of each of these woods due to availability and accessibility. Western red cedar is prevalent in the Midwest, while cypress is more common in the eastern U.S. as it grows in the South and Southeast. Redwood is more widely available in the Western U.S. as redwoods grow abundantly in that region.

Other types of wood you can use for an outdoor structure like a gazebo include white oak, ipe (otherwise known as Brazilian walnut and ironwood), teak, and African or Honduran Mahogany.

Wood composites are rot proof, and while they are not the best choice for everyone, offer some convenient benefits over natural wood like no risk of splinters and good traction. For more information on the specific properties of each wood, consult a guide that dives into the pros and cons of each wood type or speak with an expert.

Roof and Flooring

A gazebo isn’t really a gazebo without a roof. There are several options to choose from, such as standard, pagoda roofs, tiered roofs, and added features like cupolas. Roofs are often covered in shingles, and today some people even install metal roofs on their gazebos, which is great for reflecting heat.

While many pop-up and affordable gazebos forgo the floor, the vast majority of wood gazebos will have a floor to create a flat surface and further protect from the elements, like seepage. More often than not the floor will match the walls, however some build gazebos with mixed elements like stone or brick floors

Awesome Wood Gazebo Ideas To Inspire You

Part of the beauty and appeal of a wood gazebo is that they can be designed to fit any landscape. The options are truly endless, but here are some of our favorite wood gazebo designs to feed your inspiration.

Classic Whitewash

classic whitewash gazebo

Sometimes it’s best to just stick with a classic. After all, classics are classic for a reason. A classic octagonal gazebo painted white will make a traditional yet beautiful addition to your landscape. The bright white brilliantly juxtaposes with the colors of nature that surround it. When the flowers bloom in the spring and summer, it will make for a picture-perfect backdrop for any occasion.

It’s All in the Details

If you’re going to invest your resources, time, and effort to build and install a wooden gazebo, you might as well pay attention to all the details you can include to add a little elegant flair. Intricate woodwork enhances the style and sense of luxury. Woodwork is also an opportunity to inject some personal taste into the structure or match it to the design of the main house.

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Garden gazebos come in all varieties, shapes and sizes. But one thing holds true for all – they are alluring and beautiful. They stand on their own as a focal point in the landscape and can become a sort of functional art piece on your property. Proper placement in the garden will enhance the beauty of the scenery itself and allow you to take in the beauty surrounding you when you choose to relax in your garden retreat.

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Wood gazebos and ponds seem to go hand in hand. The water and the wood elements combine in a natural harmony, creating a peaceful environment for you to relax and reflect. A gazebo works perfectly in a Japanese-style garden. The wooden gazebo can extend over the pond, or you can build a whole bridge crossing over the pond with a gazebo in the center.

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Gazebos make great focal points for any landscape. Because wooden gazebos are more permanent structures, they also can serve as a starting point in developing a whole landscaping plan. If you don’t already have intricate gardens or landscaping – or want to build a landscape around your new gazebo – figure out what part of your property you’d like to place the gazebo and let your imagination run wild. You can create a stone path leading up to the gazebo, plant a garden around the perimeter of the gazebo, or build a pond to gaze over from the gazebo. Or, you can create a simple oasis in the middle of your property or tucked away in a quiet corner. Again, the options are limitless.

Rustic Style Gazebo

Wood can be easily adapted to create a rustic wood cabin style. You can add elements of unfinished wood, use tree stumps as seats or stools, and use reclaimed branches or driftwood to create the pillars and beams. A rustic wood gazebo is a great way to feel connected with nature.

Pagoda Gazebo

Many wood gazebos come with the option of a pagoda-style roof, so this is a design aesthetic that is relatively easy to achieve. The roof alone can be enough to give it that Eastern flair, however, if you’re keen on the Eastern aesthetic, you can design your gazebo to mimic the ornate pagodas common to Asia.

Wooden Pergola

While a pergola is technically a cousin of the gazebo, it can be a great option. With unenclosed sides and open-grid roofs, they create a more open, free-flow atmosphere. They are great small spaces, and work really well as an extension of the indoors over decks or patios.

Hot Tub Gazebo

IF you have a hot tub in your yard or plan to install one, a wood gazebo is an excellent complement. Hot tub gazebos extend usage of your hot tub and add privacy and atmosphere to enhance your relaxation. Whether it’s a simple cover for the hot tub or an elaborate open air haven, a hot tub gazebo can instantly transform your backyard into the ultimate retreat.

Secret Hideaway

Tuck a small gazebo into a hidden corner of your garden or property to create a secret getaway in your own backyard. Escape to your little abode and let the busyness of modern life fall away. Tuck it between trees or in a corner of your garden.

Poolside Gazebo

What could be more luxurious than a beautiful gazebo perched right next to your pool? Add some cushions and pillows to comfortable furniture and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate in at-home luxury. Gazebos create a focal point as well as the practical feature of shade from the hot sunshine.

Café-Style Gazebo

Like a breakfast nook, a small gazebo with built-in benches and a small café-style table is an adorable option. Imagine sitting outside with your morning coffee and some light reading, listening to the birds chirp and feeling the sun warm the air. Waking up in a small café style gazebo in the garden might just be the perfect way to start your day.

Built-In Gazebo

Why not work with what you’ve got? If you already have a deck or were considering adding one to the back of your home, you may want to consider adding a gazebo to your plans. The gazebo adds an unexpected element to the deck, and also provides enclosure and protection from the elements. This could also be a great option if you’re working with limited space.

Treehouse Gazebo

We’re not necessarily suggesting you build a gazebo up in the branches. But a natural wood gazebo tucked amongst a wooded lot is the perfect way to make you feel one with nature. A gazebo surrounded by greenery will infuse your senses with the elements of nature and help you feel instantly calm and relaxed.  

Playhouse Gazebo

While your kids won’t stay young forever, your gazebo can still serve as an outdoor playroom. Add features you can repurpose like cushion-covered benches, storage units, and shelves to stow away the games and toys. You can send the kids out to play and know they’re protected from the elements. And once the toys are stowed and they’re in bed, escape to the gazebo for a little rest and relaxation.

Grand Bandstand

If you’ve got the space, use it. You may not plan to hire a band anytime soon, but a large, classic wood gazebo is the perfect place to entertain. The gazebo in your backyard can provide the backdrop and the venue for any special occasion, large or small.

Gazebo with a Swing

Swings and gazebos are an idyllic match. Wood gazebos provide the strength and durability to hang a swing. The soothing rhythm of a swing paired with fresh air is a wonderful way to sooth the soul. The peaceful enclosure of a gazebo makes it sweeter.

On the Edge of Glory

A gazebo on the edge provides a beautiful breakpoint between two If your property is adjacent to a body of water or a forest, perch your gazebo on the edge for unobstructed views of natural beauty. Like a gazebo on a bridge over water, they can also make for a nice passageway between manicured landscapes and the wilderness beyond. Gazebos also integrate beautifully onto a lakeside dock.

Gazebo with a View

How about a gazebo with a view? Mountain tops or cliffs make an absolutely ideal location to build a durable wood gazebo. Your views will be the envy of all as you soak in fresh air and magnificence of the natural world all around.

Gazebo of Your Fancy

Wood gazebos are as versatile as they come. Let your imagination run wild and create the backyard structure of your dreams. With options ranging from small to large and simple to ornate, you can create a durable structure that adds value to your landscape. 

The Value-Added Bonus of Wood Gazebos

Not only do wood gazebos provide lasting enjoyment, they add value to your property. A gazebo expands the usability of your property, so you can actually enjoy the land you work hard for.

Furthermore, a durable, aesthetically pleasing structure like a wood gazebo can add actual value to your home. It’s an attractive feature for many home buyers, so if you plan to sell down the road, a high quality gazebo can potentially provide a decent return on investment.

So, if you’re planning to build a gazebo in your backyard, a wood gazebo is one of the best options you can consider. Between the durability of wood and the ability to customize the design, you can create the perfect escape just steps away from your door.

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