Winter Gazebo

Your gazebo could be in this landscape – if you do it right!

Planning on going out into your new hardtop this winter? Make sure you keep the following tips in mind, or you may find yourself not enjoying the experience.

You’ll need doors or a great screen for your hardtop

Hardtop gazebos usually offer relief from the shade, which is a big plus in the summer. But in the winter, that utility is no longer helpful, seeing as the winter sun is relatively weak. In order to fully enjoy your gazebo in the winter, you need to turn it into more of a room.

In order to turn it into a room, you need doors or heavy screens – no ifs, ands, or buts. If you don’t have one of these two things, it’s like you’re sitting outside in the freezing winter air, which isn’t enjoyable for anyone.

You’ll need a heater

Inside of an enclosed winter hardtop gazebo, the air will be slightly warmer because it is protected by the walls and gets a little bit of insulation. But it’s not much – that’s probably only five or ten degrees warmer than outside.

Get a portable heater if you want to really use your gazebo in the winter. You can run an extension cord from inside to outside to get your gazebo nice and toasty. The windows will usually fog up, giving you a relaxing atmosphere to read or relax in.

You’ll need to watch out for snow on the gazebo roof

When your gazebo is out in the winter, it’s exposed to the elements. Because most hardtops are made with stainless steel or aluminum, rust isn’t something you have to worry about. But you do have to worry about the structure itself! A gazebo isn’t as strong as a house – it has just four legs supporting it.

Make sure to get the snow off the roof of the gazebo in the wintertime. When you do this, you ensure the gazebo doesn’t collapse, and you make it easier to heat, too.

You’ll need to make sure you actually use it

All of this preparation might not be worth it if you plan to use it just once or twice. Try to set a schedule and go into your gazebo a few times a week to see the fruits of your labor.

It’s worth it if you use it. Happy winter and stay warm! Best wishes from the team at Best Hardtop Gazebos.