If you’re buying a hardtop gazebo, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to be using it for. But gazebos have so many uses… look below for inspiration!

1 Eating meals (usually dinner)


There’s nothing quite like eating outside on a warm spring or summer night. But if you have tried to eat outside without a gazebo, you probably have some unexpected guests – bugs of all shapes and sizes, biting your body and ruining your food.

A gazebo gets rid of this problem. Just put the screens up and you can eat in peace. And if you get a gazebo that has the ability to hang light fixtures, you can turn it into a full outdoor dining room. You don’t have to eat outside every day, but it’s nice to have the option!

2 Healthy sun lounging


There is only so much lounging you can do in the sun. Harmful ultraviolet exposure can lead to sunburns, sun poisoning, and even skin cancer.

A gazebo lets you lay around outside without getting all of these negative ailments. Just make sure that you get a gazebo that has a transparent roof, or else you’ll be lounging in the shade instead of the sun.

3 Events and parties

It’s tough to get people into the backyard when you have a party. If the food, drinks, and people are all on the deck or inside the house, no one is going to randomly walk into the yard and have a good time.

That’s assuming you don’t have a gazebo, of course. With a hardtop, you can throw spectacular outdoor parties that everyone will love going to.

4 “Home base” in a big yard

Some homeowners have really big yards, to the point where going inside is a hassle.

A gazebo can act as sort of a “home base” where you can cool off, get a drink, and relax. Especially if you’re playing sports outside, this is huge!

5 Hot tub coverings


Last but certainly not least, homeowners put their hardtop gazebos over their hottubs.

  • No annoying sunlight exposure during the day
  • The ability to be in your hot tub when it’s raining or snowing outside.
  • Some privacy, especially if people can see in.

That’s about it – gazebos are pretty straightforward, but there are a few main uses. Check out our hardtop gazebos to find one that’s right for you, then use the above for inspiration. Best of luck!