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Our busy lives consume us, leaving little or no room for us to just take a little time off for ourselves. But, to maintain our sanity, it is advised that we take regular breaks and treat ourselves to something that makes us feel good. When we talk about luxury; we all want it. Imagine sitting in your backyard and enjoying a candle-lit dinner with your loved one or having a hot tub installed to have fun with your kids. It all seems like a dream. Today, people are realizing the importance of being cut away from technology and going back to nature. One of the best ways to enjoy nature is to have it in your very own backyard.

With the all new Gazebo by XtremepowerUS, you can completely change the look of your backyard and redefine the meaning of luxury for your family. Don’t be surprised if your friends want to host parties in your backyard; it is because this gazebo is just a real stunner.

Overview of the product

The product design: This Gazebo has a unique design that can change the face of your backyard area; giving it a look of sheer elegance and royalty. It measures 10’ X 12’ in size and comes in various colors. The material used is of superior quality too. The manufacturers have used weather resistant powder coating, thereby increasing the durability of the product. The structure is strong and sturdy as well.

What it offers: It is very spacious; as large as a decent sized bedroom. This gazebo comes with a net that can help keep mosquitoes and other garden insects at bay.


  • You don’t need to pull it down as the weather changes. Thus, rain or snow – this product is strong and durable too.
  • You can put this gazebo out on a permanent basis. It is easy to keep it clean.
  • One can assemble it by themselves. You do not have to call anyone to do this for you. With just basic tools like a screwdriver, etc – it is very easy to set it up.
  • The price is a real attraction. For the quality that this product offers, the manufactures have definitely made this quite affordable.
  • It looks attractive.


  • Although, assembling instructions are easy, if one does not have a technical sense of assembling new items – it may seem a tad bit difficult. You may not be able to do it single-handedly and will need help of another.
  • There are limited designs that the manufacturers offer for this product.
  • May not be as sturdy as it claims to be.

Customers Opinion

Most customers seem to be happy with the product. They were pleasantly surprised with how sturdy it is. The look of the gazebo has added new and appealing dimensions to the backyards of the users of this product.
Some customers complain of not being able to set it up with convenience. But upon set up being completed, they were nothing but delighted with what the product has to offer. They also seem to be happy as the product is reasonably priced for what it really has to offer.


It is good to pamper yourself once in a while, but with a gazebo like this in your backyard; being pampered is just a few steps away. Enjoy quality time with your family in this gazebo.


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