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Like many others you too must be reading up all the information you can to find the perfect gazebo for your backyard. After all gazebos don’t come cheap and you would want it to last you a couple of years at least. So, what are the factors that determine how good a gazebo is?

Firstly, you need to determine the size of the gazebo that would sit in your garden. You do not want to take a very small or a very large one either. The next thing to consider is the color; you could customize the look based on personal preference or your backyard style. Now, you need to decide on whether you are looking to buy a gazebo for sheer luxury or any other purpose. There are some other questions that you would want clarified before you buy it; would the materials used to build the frame make it rust resistant? Does it have a vented roof? Does it come with a warranty? What about mosquito netting?

To make your search easier we would like to present the most amazing hardtop gazebo by Sunjoy which call your hunt to an end. With great design and durability this gazebo has become a favorite of many households.

An overview of the product

Product specifications: this product weighs around 600 pounds and measures about 12 ft X 12 ft.

Product design and structure: this hard top gazebo comes with an aluminum frame that is rust resistant. Bold black in color, this gazebo is sleek and elegant. It has a vented roof that allows partial sunlight. The roof has two tiers including an acrylic one that makes it sturdy.


  1. Although this product falls in the cheaper range of gazebos; it does not compromise on quality. The manufacturers are particular about offering quality products and so the products have to go through a thorough quality check before they are dispatched for sales.
  2. The manufacturers also offer a one year warranty for the product. The support team is excellent and they will do whatever they can to ensure you make the most of this product and if there are disappointments; they are happy to help.
  3. One of the main reasons for its success is its sturdiness. It is very strong and thus one can use it all year round; not bothering about the weather changes ( it is essential to brush off the snow though)


  1. It is heavy and requires a lot of manpower and time to set it up. Although it promises that assembling this gazebo is very easy; we recommend you have help of someone who knows his way around nuts, bolts and other such technical details. It can take a good whole day to set it up.
  2. Be prepared to receive the product with scratches and some dents. You will need to have some of your tools and equipments handy to set it up. They provide one with an Allen Wrench but that will not suffice; other tools are needed too.

What do the customers have to say about the product?

Most customers rate this product as value for money. It is strong, sturdy and durable too. People are very happy with how it has added beauty to their backyards.


If you are looking at buying a gazebo that is budget-friendly yet offers all the features of a luxury one then this gazebo by Sunjoy is a fabulous product to have.


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