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A house with a sprawling lawn or a yard is beautiful. If you are looking for ornamental decorations to add to the beauty of your lawn, you would be spoiled for choice because there are millions of options. One such option is a gazebo, which basically is used as a shelter from the rain and sun.

Gazebos can be used in your lawns or patio as a place for the family to relax, enjoy the sun or the breeze .They come in different sizes to fit into varied lawn dimensions.

The Genova Sun Shelter beautifies the outdoor living space. It can be used for all kind of events. Be it a family and friends get together for a dining experience or a space to relax by the swimming pool or beaches during hot summer days. This certainly takes the outdoor living experience to the next level.

Product Overview

The Sojag Genova Sun Shelter gazebo is highly durable and comes with a galvanized steel roof. The frames are made of powder-coated aluminum which is of the best quality. The frames are dark brown colored and are rust proof. A nylon mosquito netting is also provided along with the gazebo which is durable and also protects the inside from wind and sun.

The roof of the gazebo need not be removed and stored away during winter. It doesn’t accumulate water in the roof. However, when it snows, the snow has to be removed from the shelter in order to not let the weight of the snow damage the roof.

The Sojag Genova Sun shelter Gazebo measures 118.1 x 118.1 x 108 inches in dimensions. It weighs 189.6 pounds without the packing and 211.6 including the packing.

The Pros

Price – This sun shelter is reasonably priced. Though it is a bit expensive than the non-metal gazebo, it is totally worth the cost as it is very durable and useful.

Maintenance – These steel shelters need very little maintenance. Steel does not rust or oxidize easily when exposed to moisture. And it does not have to be cleaned and polished regularly. A simple wipe with a rug would do to maintain it as new.

Strength – The Sojag Genova Sun shelter is so strong and durable that it can be used even on extremely windy days. The metal is heavy and it fares well when it comes to sturdiness.

The Cons

Sometimes when the weather is too hot, the gazebo tends to heat up due to the steel top. You can use a canvas to prevent too much of sun and maintain the temperature inside the gazebo.

If there are heavy rains, there is a chance of water pooling in the middle though there are holes provided for water drainage.

Customer Reviews

Many have purchased Sojag Genova Sun shelter Gazebo and it has adorned their lawns. Most of them loved it and feel that it is very sturdy, looks beautiful and is a good buy.

Some felt that there could be improvements in the steel roof which had water clogging issues. They felt that the assembly actually took longer than mentioned in the instruction manual.


Though there are a few drawbacks, the advantages surely over weigh the former. To conclude, with so many good features, Sojag Genova Sun shelter Gazebo would prove to be a beautiful and useful addition to your lawn.