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It is normal to call for a party to celebrate big days like our birthdays and anniversaries. But, there are some party lovers who literally dig for reasons to celebrate. They want to call for a party when they get their pet home for the first time or for celebrating success at work, or at times just for fun. These people love hosting parties and make sure that their guests leave their homes feeling satisfied. Now, for most party lovers; a gazebo is a real delight to have.

Gazebos are little small open areas in the garden that are designed to add beauty to your backyard and give it some functionality too. Gazebos are a real favorite amongst people who are party lovers for the simple reason that it makes parties memorable. The Sojag 500 – 5153200 is that one nice gazebo that you would want to set up in your backyard this very day. It has been in the market for some time now and seems like its sales are on a rise.

Product overview…

About the design and structure: this model no: 500 5153200 comes in a Dark Brown color that goes well in any backyard. It is made of superior quality aluminum that keeps away corrosion and rust. It weighs almost 320 pounds and it measures around 12’ by 16’.

More about the product: this product comes with hooks and grooves that can further be creatively used for various purposes. It is a very durable product; if maintained well, it can last you a couple of years.


  • You do not have to remove the roof for the winter. The snow can easily be brushed away and the product is sturdy enough to withstand the strong winds.
  • The replacements are available with the manufacturers at very reasonable prices.
  • Nitty-gritty’s like quality of screws used, etc if of high quality. These screws are rust-free ones.


  • Not so easy to assemble it as it promises. There is a lot of effort that goes in to setting it up. It can take roughly around six hours or more with the help of another. It’s very difficult and highly unlikely to set it up on your own without the help of someone else.
  • The gazebo comes with curtains that are included in the package; however upon using them continuously and due to wear and tear, they may need a replacement. Since this company is based in Canada, the replacements are not very easy to do. It can take months to get your replacement!

Customer’s opinion…

Most customers were pleased with how strong and sturdy this gazebo is. People who were apprehensive about how the product will last during rough weather were pleasantly surprised that it helped up tall and strong; rain or snow. The hard roof was an added advantage. One thing that most customers commented was that this product came with real value for money.


Complete your house with this Gazebo. This company has been around the market for a few years and has shown a steady incline in their sales. And why wouldn’t it? If they are offering such excellent quality products that are so reasonably priced – they are bound to have a long list of satisfied customers. The Sojag 500-5153200 Gazebo will make your backyard an envious one.


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