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When it comes to the price of hardtop gazebos, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that would be considered truly “cheap”. Softtop gazebos can cost in the range of $100 – $500, but hardtops are usually over $1,000, sometimes over $2,000, and sometimes even over $3,000. This is because of the materials – hardtop materials cost more money to produce and more to ship – simple as that.

The Outsunny Patio Hardtop Gazebo is the exception to this rule. Coming in at under $1,000, the Outsunny is the cheapest gazebo that we have on our site, and from our research, it’s the cheapest hardtop available anywhere – period.

What you get for under $1,000

10’ x 12’. Basically, this is a standard-sized gazebo. You do not sacrafice room with the lower price, thankfully.

Built-in curtains. The Outsunny is a bit unique in that curtains come with the gazebo and they “fit” into the gazebo pillars perfectly. Stakes are also included (to secure your gazebo to the ground), which reduces costs even further.

Polyester cover, as well as polyester side panels. Most hardtops don’t use polyester as a coating. The Outsunny uses it to keep costs down. We didn’t notice any difference.

A clean, supportive steel frame. Sure, the Outsunny isn’t as beautiful as a bronze or aluminum gazebo, but it gets the job done. (It still looks pretty darn good, if we do say so ourselves.)

What you sacrafice with a cheap hardtop gazebo

Shipping and handling takes longer than usual. One reviewer said that it took a full month from ordering to getting everything set up, but he had unique difficulties with the merchant he purchased from. If you buy from Amazon, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Takes a bit longer to set up. This is expected. Pay a little less, spend a little bit more time putting things together.

No luxury aesthetics, meaning it doesn’t look like a piece of art. But hey, it gets the job done, and we think it still looks darn good in any yard.

Outsunny Patio Gazebo Review Recap

This is one of our shorter reviews because there’s not a lot to be said. It’s a standard hardtop gazebo with a steel frame and polyester coating. The Outsunny functions just as its more expensive counterparts do, but it’s a couple hundred dollars cheaper. If you’re okay with spending a little bit more time on setup and you’re not particularly worried about having a luxury piece of outdoor furniture, the Outsunny Patio Gazebo is right for you.


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