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Do you have a beautiful sprawling lawn or a yard? Do you love spending time by the pool with your friends and family over dinner or on a lazy summer day? Are you looking for a shelter which adds to the beauty of your patio or lawn? Then look no further.

Handy home products have a beautiful Monterey tight knot cedar oval Gazebo which is very classy and elegant. It would be a perfect shelter from the sun and rain and a great place for occasions with family and friends.

Product Overview

The Handy home products Monterey tight knot cedar oval Gazebo is made of select tight-knot cedar. This is very popular for its natural beauty and decay resistant qualities. It is needless to mention that it is highly durable. The spindle used as a decorative item in the gazebo includes a wooden finial and a metal cap.

The gazebo is oval shaped which adds a touch of elegance to your property. The size of the gazebo is 10×14 with a modern design. This is quite spacious and can accommodate family, friends and accessories as well. Accessories including built-in flower boxes, benches and tables can be easily placed. The Monterey oval gazebo has sufficient space for all entertainment activities like barbecues and also other ceremonies.

The natural cedar toned wood can be stained and several other accessories can be bought to accessorize the gazebo completely. The Handy home products Monterey tight knot cedar oval Gazebo measures 168 x 120 x 144 inches in dimensions. It weighs 771 pounds without the packaging and the final shipping weight comes to 779 pounds.

The Pros

Look and Feel – Wooden gazebos are extremely beautiful and no other gazebo can compete. The types of woods used in the gazebo are white cedar, redwood and pine. Wooden gazebos lend a great sense of calmness and grace to your backyard.

Carving and Design – Wood is easier to work with as they are easier to carve with as compared to stone and metal. Wood logs can be customized as per your taste and needs less expertise.

Long Life – Wooden gazebos can last up to 25 years depending on the wood type. As this gazebo is made of decay proof cedar wood, it can easily last a lifetime.

Spacious – This product comes with provisions to keep built-in flower boxes and is spacious enough to place benches and tables.

The Cons

Strength – Wooden gazebos can be less strong than their metal counterparts and they are not recommended to be used in areas frequented by storms and tornadoes.

Maintenance – These wooden gazebos need to be regularly checked for termites and dampness. They are more prone to damage from weather than the metal ones.

Bugs – There might be disturbances due to mosquitoes and bugs as there is no netting.

Customer Reviews

People who bought the Handy home products Gazebo reviewed that the gazebo looks amazing on their lawns. Some felt that the wood and the screws provided in the kit could have been of better quality.


Consider the material of the gazebo and the weather of your place before making a purchase and look for the ones which would suit your needs. Handy home products Monterey tight knot cedar oval Gazebo would be an ideal choice if you are looking for beauty and durability in a gazebo.


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