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For houses that have decently wide lawns and people who enjoy being outdoors, the family members could invest in a good gazebo or a solarium. A gazebo is an open setting whereas a solarium can be used when you need some privacy. For instance if you want to set up a Jacuzzi in your lawn, you would need a structure covering it. A solarium would be the best choice in such cases.

Gazebo Penguin has an amazing solarium which can be used in all the four seasons. It looks very classy and elegant. It would be a perfect shelter from the sun and rain and offers great privacy as it has doors and windows.

Product Overview

The Gazebo Penguin 4-season solarium is made of powder coated aluminum and the roof is made of poly carbonate which is UV treated. It comes with hooks which can be used to hang lights. The doors are sliding ones and the whole structure is rust proof.

The size of the gazebo is 144.5 x 144.5 x 110 inches. This is quite spacious and can accommodate family, friends and accessories as well. It weighs 470 pounds and can be easily assembled. It is sand colored and looks very elegant.

The Gazebo Penguin 4-season solarium has windows made of soft plastic which is durable and tinted. The windows give you the much required privacy.

The Pros

Durability – Metal gazebos are extremely strong and durable when compared to plastic and wood. They also withstand weather extremities better. The poly carbonate roof keeps away the heat and it is UV treated.

Maintenance – This aluminum structure needs very little maintenance. Aluminum does not rust easily when exposed to moisture. And it does not have to be cleaned and polished regularly. A simple wipe with a rug and wash with a hose would do to maintain it as new.

Privacy – The solarium comes with sliding doors and windows which are tinted. This provides comfort and privacy if you wish to set up a hot tub or a Jacuzzi inside.

Affordable – This solarium is reasonably priced and is less expensive than any metal gazebos. It is also worth the price.

The Cons

Aluminum is not malleable. If the beams are damaged or dented during transit, do not try bending them to bring them back to shape. It might break and become of no use.

The windows are made of soft plastic. They cannot withstand extreme heat or storms and might break.

Customer Reviews

People who bought the Gazebo Penguin 4-season solarium are ecstatic about it. They feel that it is worth the money spent on it. They like the idea of the doors and windows as it is ideal for private parties with friends or family. The poly carbonate roof protects from the sun very well and the doors do a good job in keeping the wind out.

The positive reviews from customers also stated that the product is constructed with modern materials and has a good design. Numerous customers who bought the product said that they love it and enjoy sitting inside, as it gives them a sense of style.

Some feel that the windows could have been of a better quality as they are made of soft plastic and look flimsy. They suspect that the windows might not withstand heavy snow or storm.

We have found customers who complained about the roof. They said that it was weak and could not hold.


One of the great aspects about this product is that it’s weather resistant. It includes mesh screens and it’s rust resistant. The roof is made of plastic, but the frame is made of metal. The product includes mesh screens, as well as side walls, side curtains, windows and screens.

Another great thing about this product is that anybody can put it together and it comes with free delivery. If the quality and price on top of that are good, then what more could you ask from a product.

Look for the best solarium or gazebos after considering the material and the weather of your place. Gazebo Penguin 4-season solarium would be the best choice if you are looking for privacy and durability in a solarium.

As with every product, some people will like it and others want. The only real way to find out if the product will work for you is to check it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, you can return it and get your money back. There’s always the risk that this product might not be suitable for you, but there’s also the possibility that it could be perfect.

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