We love our weekend getaways; they allow us to unwind from our crazy and busy lives but they require planning and some decent amount of money too. What if, you had a little getaway just outside your house and in your very own backyard? Well, this seemingly impossible dream can be realized if you install a gazebo in your backyard.

A little more on the Gazebos – a Gazebo is an open structure made of wood or metal that stands in your garden. They have a little roof to provide one shelter and shade from the sun. One could add drapes, curtains or fine lattice work to offer some privacy. These structures have been around since ancient times. The Greeks used them in their temple gardens while the Romans used them for relaxation and a place of meeting. Thus throughout history, gazebos have been a vital part of people’s lives. Today, unfortunately, there are place constraints everywhere but for some of us who are blessed with big backyards, a gazebo can be used as a place of relaxation. One can give it a cozy edge by putting in some comfortable furniture, some décor or merely have some vine branches twirled around the frame. The gazebo offered by Gazebo Penguin is a sheer delight and a must have too.

Product Overview

The structure: it weighs 336 pounds and measures 12 ft X 14 ft. The frame comes with powder coating that helps to keep corrosion, rust and chipping at bay.

Extra features: the product comes with screens and curtains to give it a sense of privacy. The rooftop is made with superior wood that is mildew resistant and waterproof too. There are hooks inside the structure that can be used for various purposes, like installing a small ceiling fan, etc.


  • ​The large size of the gazebo gives you enough room to put some furniture and yet have place to move around. It doesn’t have that crammed up feeling as compared to most gazebos. It’s big and yet not quite bulky.
  • ​The materials used are of high quality that vouches for a longer sustainability of the product. It can last you a couple of years very easily.
  • ​It is easy to maintain and keep clean too.


  • ​Because of its large size, it can be quite cumbersome to set it up. It may take a little over eight hours or so when accompanied by two people to set this giant up.
  • ​The instruction manual is not the best; with many details missing and poor language used too. The screws used are square shaped as compared to the regular ones. This may require you to have your own set of tools ready to hasten up the installation process.

Customer’s opinion

Most customers complain about how tiring, time-consuming and annoying it is to set this huge gazebo up. The installation process is not easy too; with some nuts and bolts missing in the delivery package, it requires a lot of effort to install it. Yet, more than 90% of the users are satisfied customers. Once it is all set, this is a real beauty (as claimed by the customers).


​Why miss out on a chance of having your very own getaway spot in your backyard? Set up this gazebo (which is highly affordable) and pamper yourself.