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Parties and social gatherings are a lot of fun. It brings together people for the sake of a purpose. It could be a private party or a non-profit goal. Having a party at home is ideal in many ways but while there are many advantages of the same, there are disadvantages as well. The next best alternative would be to book a hall or have the gathering at a hotel. The parties in such locations while being handled by professionals can be a success; it does not match up to the parties done on the home front.

The other alternative is building a small yet compact gazebo in the garden or a spacious area near your home front. What is a Gazebo? It is nothing but a small building or a structure which is nice and open. It is similar to a summer house which is surrounded by screens on all sides and is used for purposes like entertainment, parties and dining.

Berkley Jensen Gazebo Overview

This gazebo is one of the most popular products in the market. It is preferred to because it is incredibly convenient and can be constructed on a fairly short notice. The ten by twelve outdoor shelter is a great option to have a party in.

The size of 10’ x 12’ is neither too big and nor too small. It is perfect for games or just a barbeque cookout.

The gazebo gives it the much needed outdoorsy look at the same time it is inside which keeps everyone safe in case it is too hot or it rains. This product is made up of aluminium and is totally rust free. The durable powder coated finish is an advantage. The rust resistant powder coating prevents damage. The roof is constructed with galvanized steel. This gazebo is as sturdy and strong as it can get.

While not in use, it can be easily packed up and stored away. The gazebo parts can be folded and does not occupy much space. The parts are in good condition when tucked away. The fear of them rusting away when not in use can be easily avoided due to the fantastic durable powder coated finish. This powder is rust resistant. This increases the life of the product on the whole.


  • It is nicely vented for comfort
  • Optimum flow of air ensured
  • Durable
  • Can be transported and stored with considerable ease because of its retractability
  • Can be covered with a mosquito net to avoid insects in the evening
  • Can be custom made to your personal taste
  • The smell of fresh air is unbeatable
  • Outdoor landscaping and nature add to the beauty


  • Too much wind could be a hassle
  • Insects are always an annoying possibility
  • Restrooms might not be close by
  • Outdoor heaters might be needed in case it gets cold

What do customers think?

The sales of this product are on the rise. Statistics show more than 74% sale of the gazebo. With spring over us, what better time than now to have that party. The natural sunlight and the scenery are literally at your disposal.
Customers love the fact that the beauty of nature is combined with the perfect home-like environment. This is a major selling point.


There is more freedom due to the privacy of your own backyard. This prevents restriction and adds to the comfort factor. People enjoy a good party when amongst their own and away from spying eyes.
Time to let your hair down and enjoy in your own backyard. The idea of being able to have a party which can be construed as outdoors yet safe from bad weather and other factors is too good to pass on.


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