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No matter which part of the world you are from; barbeque food is an all time favorite for many. We would like to add that barbeque lovers don’t just settle for anything; they take their food very seriously. That being said, different countries have different styles, techniques and methods of barbequing. How it all originated originate, is another story all together. The Texan BBQ is this nice and tender meat that is smoked for a long time over wood, the Philippines like their meat with a lot of sweet and sour flavoring, the Irish love their potatoes and take them to the grill too with lots of cheese and bacon, and the list goes on and on.

For all those BBQ lovers out there, you are going to love this outdoor backyard BBQ Grill by Abba Patio. This handsome grill gazebo is going to completely change the look of your garden and make grilling a whole new experience.

An Overview

The Body: this grill gazebo measures about 9ft X 5ft in size. It has a solid roof made of steel that allows you to enjoy grilling even under the hot sun. There is a powder coating over the entire frame to help prevent the body from being corroded, getting rusted or even chipping due to usage.

Special additions: the gazebo comes with two storage units that are placed on either sides; this can be used for storing plates, tongs, forks, etc. An added feature comes with ten hooks that can be used for hanging tools and other items that will give your BBQ gazebo an authentic and a professional look.

The manufacturers: Abba Patio is a reputed designer, known for manufacturing high quality gardening products. The designs created not only look good but are also very productive.


  • The gazebo is made using superior quality material. One can easily keep them out all year round. They are made for all types of weather.
  • The price is very reasonable for the quality that it has to offer as compared to the other products in the market.
  • The design is sleek, elegant and sturdy. The rooftop helps one from the bright sunlight too.


  • Although it claims to have an easy assembling process; it does require about four hours or so along with some help from another.
  • Some screws or bolts are missing in the delivery packet. You might need to have your own tools ready.
    The rooftop is thin and may need some alignment to be done to fix in well.

Customer’s opinion

Most customers seemed to be highly pleased with the quality of the product and for its reasonable price as well. They also claim that the product is quite sturdy. Many were pleased with its looks as promised in the advertisement pictures.

A few customers were a little unhappy with the instructional manual, that wasn’t very well illustrated. The assembling may have some albeit minor problems but one can work around them.


For the price and quality that this gazebo offers; it is a real steal. If you love your BBQ meals, then this product will certainly not let you down. Abba Patio has added yet another fantastic product to make your gardens look beautiful and yet functional. Enjoy grilling in all seasons under this gazebo. Happy BBQ!


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