Most homeowners are looking to save money and get the best possible value for their dollar. As such, most set a budget for how much they are willing to spend.

That’s a good idea. The thing is, though, most forget that you’re going to want to purchase other items with your gazebo – most commonly, furniture.

hardtop gazebo furniture

A nice setup from one of our readers.

Deciding on furniture before the gazebo purchase

For those who have furniture already

If you’re someone who has a large house and a lot of outdoor furniture to fill up your gazebo with, set up a “mock gazebo setting” to see what furniture would fit well inside the particular dimensions of a gazebo you’re considering.

For example, if you know that you want to have one special table and a set of four chairs inside, set that up and take measurements. How big is it? If it’s a relatively small setup, you might be able to get by with 10′ x 10′. (Though probably never grill if you want four full tables. Hardtop grill gazebos are off limits for lounging around.)

Keep in mind you might want the option for more than your original setup, too. Don’t necessarily cramp yourself and restrict further furniture organization. We’d recommend getting one of the bigger gazebos – at least 10′ x 14′, especially if you have a family – but hey, that’s just us. (The Penguin Gazebo is a budget choice for a lot of room.)

Buying new furniture

The same process applies if you’re shopping for new furniture. You can take the route of looking for furniture of a certain size, or, you can search for whatever and see how big it is when you find something you like.

We’d recommend the latter option. It’s more fun! You’re shopping for a hardtop gazebo for sale – may as well have some fun with the furniture.

Side note: Amazon has a lot of great deals on furniture as well. We link to Amazon because of the refund policy and the always-lowest price, though you are welcome to go anywhere you’d like (Kmart, etc.)

Further reading on buying outdoor furniture

Weighing luxury vs. the furniture inside

Ideally, if your gazebo is going in a backyard, you opt for lower quality, a bigger size, and standard furniture. That’s our opinion, at least. If it’s used by kids or your family, you want it to stand up to the pressure.

If it’s more of an extension of your house (on your patio or something), get a smaller size, a higher-quality gazebo (like the Castel Luxury one here), and very nice furniture. Since it’s less square footage, you can get just a few pieces of nice furniture and still come in under budget.