So… what isn’t good about owning a gazebo? We’re here to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly – this post is, obviously, about the bad and the ugly.

They can fall

  • Randomly. Sometimes, a strong wind can topple your gazebo. It doesn’t happen often, and it usually only happens if you install something incorrectly.
  • Storms. Really heavy storms can have really strong winds, and those have the potential to knock yours over.
  • People running into them. John goes for a long catch and collides with the gazebo? That can easily take it down and require you to reassemble it.

They can’t be expanded

Unlike “addon rooms” that can be purchased at similar price points as gazebos, gazebos cannot be expanded to accommodate more room. The only option is buying a new one, or somehow modifying it yourself – though we have no idea how you would do that.

They’re usually sorta expensive

Having a hardtop gazebo will run you over $1,000. All things considered, though, that’s pretty cheap – considering the materials that go into a solid hardtop gazebo, $1,000 (or even upwards of $2,000) is still a steal.

Not many customer reviews on any single one

Gazebos aren’t as popular as smartwatches or home appliances. As such, most gazebos have only a handful of customer reviews, which may not help you as much as you need.

They can get really cold in the winter

The combination of cold air and cold steel can make the interior unbearable. That being said, it will still be warmer than outside – just make sure to bring a portable space heater inside or set yours up close to an outlet if you have rough winters.

They have the potential to get really hot in the summer

Hardtop gazebos don’t really have this problem, but on softtops, the cloth can increase the temperature of the area inside until it’s significantly hotter than outside. (This is assuming you have the curtains closed.)

Overall, consider them to be a part of your house

You should look at your new gazebo like it’s the newest room in your house.

Are houses hard to take care of? Yes.
Are houses expensive? Yes.

But they’re places for you to live, and your gazebo is no exception. Instead of focusing on the negatives, think about how you will have a whole new room that you can relax in, then click here to check out the top hardtop gazebos on the homepage. Best of luck!