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Are you looking for the cream of the crop? The best of the best? A hardtop gazebo that you’ll love, and that others will admire (either openly or in secret)?

Look no further than the MESSINA 12′ x 16′ hardtop gazebo. With an enormous inside area of 192 square feet, you have room for a dining table, the chairs that go around that table, and a separate area to put lounge equipment. Most commonly, owners of the MESSINA 12′ x 16′ gazebo will put two chairs for lounging and one small loveseat. Almost immediately, you have created an outdoor room that doubles as a dining room and a living room.

As far as the hardtop gazebo itself, well, it doesn’t get much better than this…

  • A dark, but not totally-black finish. Because hardtops are made of metal, you will always get a darker color, but we really like how MESSINA dyed its aluminum to make the look you see in the gazebo.
  • Vented and slanted roof. This means rain will slide right off, and hot air won’t get trapped inside. Very useful on those sweltering days where you want to be outside, but not constantly sweating.
  • Luxurious mosquito nets included. When you put your curtains down, your gazebo turns into a room – not a gazebo with some curtains on the outside of it. Bugs are kept completely at bay, and wind is kept under control, too, which is useful if you’re near the ocean. Other companies charge $200 – $300 just for the curtains.
  • Solid 100% customer reviews. Every single person who purchased this gazebo has loved it. Will you be next? Click here to check out the reviews. From families to bachelors, almost every type of gazebo owner has left a review.
  • Withstands the elements. The aluminum on the MESSINA 12′ x 16′ gazebo has been reinforced for extra protection against rust. Where other gazebos would start to rust after a few weeks of being in the rain, the MESSINA will not!

Setup & Instructions

When you get your new gazebo, you will receive either to or three separate boxes. When you open them up, there will be a multitude of different parts that you need to put together yourself.

All in all, putting these parts together is fairly simple. Customers love how MESSINA made the gazebo extremely easy to put together, and there are some reviews from people doing it by themselves in just a few hours. That’s extremely impressive, considering the size of this thing.

MESSINA does not offer pre-built gazebos… however, no one really does. No matter where you buy, you will have to assemble it yourself or pay someone.

Overall, setup is easy, although you do have to do it yourself.

Who should get the MESSINA 12’x16′ Hardtop Gazebo?

Those with families. No one wants to feel left out. If you have a family of four (or bigger), make sure to get a hardtop gazebo that’s a size similar to 12′ x 16′ so everyone can relax and eat inside.

Those who need the space. Do you want to lounge inside your gazebo? If you do, you have to get a bigger one – simple as that. Get the 12′ x 16′ – it’s big enough to lounge in, but not so big that you feel like there’s a ton of empty space inside.

Those who want the best. Although the MESSINA is a little more expensive than other hardtop gazebos (mainly due to its size), the materials are the best money can buy, and curtains are even included.

Those who want to use their gazebos for many years. With the warranty and the testimonials from the existing customers, you can expect this thing to live in your yard comfortably for anywhere from 5 to 20 years.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Gazebo?

There are a number of benefits to owning a gazebo. It is a structure that offers a wide variety of uses that can differ from season to season, no matter where you are from.

Relaxation and socializing

During the summer months, a gazebo is great for providing a shady area for you and your friends and family to relax and have a few drinks. Even on rainy days, it provides shelter from the rain and you can still spend time outdoors. A gazebo provides a good location for social gatherings or provides a quiet place for contemplation.

Cooking and barbecue

A gazebo is a great place for a barbecue. The roof of the gazebo provides a shelter for the cook and for the people eating the food if necessary. The open-air aspect of a gazebo means that the smoke has somewhere to go. Safety is important when grilling on a barbecue, so be sure to place it in a good location and keep an eye on it while it is on.

Photography and film

A gazebo is a very useful place for event photography. It adds an essence of ambiance to the scenery and is particularly good for prom, and wedding shoots.


Owning a gazebo adds and overall aesthetic to your entire garden area. Placing a gazebo in your garden shows your own personal flair and provides a wonderfully aesthetic sitting area for you and your friends and family.

Practical uses

A gazebo also has many practical uses. It can serve as an outbuilding if necessary. During the winter and fall months, items can be stored within a gazebo to keep them dry.

Cozy winter hideaway

During the winter months, the gazebo can still be used. You can opt to venture out into the cold with blankets, or you may choose to add a few space heaters into the gazebo area to make it even cozier. Regardless of the climate in which you live, a gazebo is a great choice for all-year entertainment and socializing.


You can also add a winter post, which will provide you more support during the winter months. The manufacturer has estimated that you will need about 6 hours and 2 to 3 people to assemble this product. After that, you’ve got a great gazebo, which has a double track system for mosquito netting and curtains, as well as a 4 season structure.

When snow gathers on the roof, you should remove it from the gazebo. It has a rustproof aluminum frame and the Cupola is on top of the gazebo, which allows additional airflow.

If you’re looking for a luxurious gazebo that provides plenty of space and makes you look sophisticated while you’re enjoying yourself in your garden, then this might be the perfect product for you. Many customers have provided positive reviews about the product and are busy enjoying it as we speak. To see what the fuss is all about, maybe you should check out this gazebo.

Ready to go?

Hopefully. This is a great gazebo!

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construction of 12x16 gazebo

A nice closeup of the construction, once you put it together, of course.

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