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If you’ve been looking for gazebos online, you’ve almost certainly stumbled across the dimension of 10′ x 12′. There’s nothing wrong with those dimensions at all, and you can fit quite a bit into 120 square feet.

But the upgrade to 10′ x 14′ is actually pretty noticeable. Here’s how it works: the 120 feet in a 10′ x 12′ are mostly filled with furniture and tables. So, while you can have the curtains up and sit inside comfortably, it’s not roomy by any means, and with three or four people inside, you could even consider it cramped.

With the Meridian 10′ x 14′ charcoal hardtop gazebo, being cramped isn’t a problem. It’s the perfect size to do all of the things that you could in a 10′ x 14′ with comfort, and thankfully, the price for the extra 20 square feet is almost identical to the smaller counterparts (some of which are reviewed on this site).

Let’s break down the Meridian 10′ x 14′ in detail.

The top isn’t quite a roof. It’s a roof that lets light through… but not any of the UV rays! So, when you’re in your Meridian on a sunny day, you’ll be in the sun, but you won’t be getting overheated or sunburned. It’s a nice feature over gazebos that have regular hardtop roofs.

The netting is actually pretty darn luxurious. The problem with included gazebo nets is that sometimes, they’re of really low quality (companies trying to save money, and all that). It’s to the point where you put them on your brand-new gazebo, and they just look… bad. Meridian includes some ultra high-quality mosquito nets that feel more like curtains than nets (at least in our opinion).

allweatherAll-year weather with a fantastic warranty. Considering the price of a hardtop gazebo, you should always be looking for durability combined with a great warranty. The Meridian 10′ x 14′ gazebo can be used all year round and the warranty is for a healthy 10 years. (The only thing is that you have to remove snow from the top of the gazebo in the wintertime, which isn’t particularly difficult.)

Overall, pretty much everything you want in a gazebo. Plenty of room. A great roof that gives you light but protects you. Solid construction that’s protected with a bulletproof warranty.

Easy to assemble and fix (if necessary). Hate doing manual labor? With the Meridian, you follow a short instruction booklet and you’re up and running within a couple hours, probably 4-6. Some manual labor is unavoidable, but this hardtop gazebo will give you the least out of all of the ones we’ve reviewed on our site.

And, best of all, there’s free shipping! Not much to say here – shipping for gazebos (since they’re heavy and big) can sometimes reach $50 – $100. On Amazon, this one has free shipping. Easy.

Deciding between the Meridian over a 10′ x 12′?

As we mentioned at the start of this gazebo review, 10′ x 14′ can do everything that a 10′ x 12′ can, just with a lot more comfort.

The other thing it can do is hold more stuff. So, you can have your regular setup with a few belongings on the floor (maybe a speaker or cooler), or you can make use of all of your space and add an extra chair or table.

If you want both a living room and a dining room in a gazebo, check out this one. Otherwise, the Meridian 10′ x 14′ hardtop gazebo is perfect for you.

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