Just recently, I walked into Costco to stock up on the essentials. As some of you may know, when you enter Costco, you are greeted with their seasonal items – sometimes it’s jackets, sometimes it’s socks, sometimes it’s snowblowers. This time, I saw a hardtop gazebo – well actually, I saw two of them.

The first was $1,499. Okay. Not cheap, but not too expensive.

The second was $1,999. Quite expensive. The same size as the $1,499 one.

The $1,499 offering did have a hard top, but the pillars were made of wood. When I went and felt the wood, it wasn’t a rich mahogany or oak – it felt like plywood, and it looked like it, too. Actually, the thing looked like a piece of junk.

The $1,999 one was a lot better, but still expensive. The legs were made of metal, but it was just a standard 10’ x 12’ gazebo for close to $2,000. If you’ve browsed the hardtops on this site, you know that price is quite expensive.

Why is everything so overpriced?

Here’s why. It boils down to three reasons.

  1. Costco only has two gazebos for sale. This means they can’t offer any good deals or anything of that nature. If they gave a good deal on one gazebo, no one would buy the other.
  2. Costco isn’t selling gazebos from popular manufacturers. They are making their own gazebos, and since they don’t make that many, it costs them a lot to do it. A company like Sojag can make gazebos for a fraction of the cost and sell them online for much, much less.
  3. Costco has overhead. It’s pretty simple – they need to pay for employees, rent, and all other overhead. No matter what they say, those costs are passed onto you.

Frankly, I was disappointed in Costco, but also happy that I have a site like this where I can help homeowners like you find good deals on good gazebos – not bad deals on bad gazebos! Head to the homepage and find a to get started.