You have the gazebo. You set it up. You filled it with furniture. Great! What’s the next step?

Here are a few ways to really enjoy your gazebo this summer. Try one or all of them to get maximum enjoyment from your new purchase. And let us know if you have any more ideas!

Ice-cold pitchers

Water, lemonade, beer – it all works! Bring out a full pitcher and enjoy your gazebo as you should.

In general, whatever you can bring into your gazebo in order to avoid going back to the house is a good idea.

Hardtop gazebo screens for nighttime

We all hate bugs. Luckily, you can keep them out of your gazebo with some affordable screens. They’re available for $20 – $50 on Amazon, though you can snag some really nice ones for $100+ if you choose. More expensive gazebos call for more expensive curtains!

Party hub

Throw an outdoor party and use your gazebo as an outdoor base for food, drinks, activities, and more. The outdoor really turns into something else with a well-placed hardtop somewhere in the mix!

We hope these tips helped you plan your summer of 2019. If you have any suggestions, please contact us!

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