A beautifully-decorated gazebo!

A beautifully-decorated gazebo!

A perfectly placed and cozily decorated gazebo is sure to attract your guests. Most people look for a shade in a sunny and beautiful landscape. An outdoor party is so much more sophisticated when you have a gazebo which serves as both a shelter and an attraction point. It remains as a focal point to the landscape of garden, making the whole place look prettier than ever before.

What else can a gazebo be used for?

It is not always for entertaining, gazebos could always be a place for nature lovers too. People who love to admire the beauty of their lawn while sipping a cup of coffee, or reading a nice book or even taking a break from their hectic work schedule prefer a gazebo, of course each preferring their own design to it. The beauty of it lies in the fact that it could be decorated in both simple and lavish ways and still remains to be a beauty.


How to start designing

houseA gazebo could be designed in such a way that its décor is coordinated with the house. If the house has furniture set up in a traditional way, a few in the gazebo with similar taste will complement its beauty. A chandelier similar to the interiors of the house and some seasonal plants growing all over the roof will just be like a topping on a dessert. When you have a hard top gazebo, you have the luxury to decorate it with hanging chandeliers and potted plants all over. The plants could be hung from the ceiling as well. This will fill up the place if you do not have enough plants in your garden.

If you want to keep it simple and elegant, just hanging a hammock will do the trick. Side tables to go with the hammock will be the only other furniture apart from the beautiful potted plants here and there. If you like color coordinated stuff, then going in for a subtle green for all the furniture and ceramic pots, is a good idea. Choosing pale colors for the drapes and furniture cushions will enhance the look even further. If you love dining outside, then nothing like a dining set in your gazebo for a fine dining experience.


A modern touch

If you are into modern day décor, then trying out some statues and putting them close to pillars of the gazebo adds to the beauty. Converting it into an enhanced room is easy with a hard top gazebo. Just add some curtains for privacy, have a recliner sofa and a cozy coffee table. The place is ready for a silent evening with a book or some alone time with a laptop.

You could go colorful in the Asian style and start decorating your gazebo with some pretty choice of colors. Pink and orange will be an irresistible combination for drapes. If you have the gazebo by the pool, reclining furniture and a side table will be a perfect combination of furniture. Choosing the right furniture is the most important part of the décor and entirely depends upon how you will be putting it to use. Choosing neutral furniture which could be used in multiple situations will work. After all a gazebo could be used for meditation, dining, party entertainment, some alone time, or to take break from the pool. A shady interior to protect you from the sun while you enjoy the day or a well lit place in your garden on a dark night; it works both ways.

Sometimes, decorations don't need to be flashy. Consider upgrading the infrastructure of your gazebo with grated panels for a modern look.

Sometimes, decorations don’t need to be flashy. Consider upgrading the infrastructure of your gazebo with grated panels for a modern look.