With countless number of garden accessories being innovated, it has become a trend as well as a need to decorate an outdoor area with different accessories. One such accessory is the garden gazebo. Gazebos are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and specifications. They are also forms of follies, rotundas, kiosks and alhambras, all of which are structures from the ancient age. Some of the famous gazebo structures include the Montacute House, situated in Somerset, the Elton on the Hill in Nottinghamshire etc.

However, over the time, gazebos have been made up of various materials such as wood, aluminum, steel and even plastic. Gazebos can be either temporary or permanent, with hard top or soft top. A large number of outdoor spaces sport hard top gazebos as they’re known to withstand any type of weather and can be used throughout the year.

Even if you have figured out on the type of hardtop gazebo to buy according to your needs, it isn’t easy to assemble one for a layman. Here are some ideas on how to assemble a hardtop gazebo:


  • Since any gazebo accommodates a vast area in a garden, it is important that you maintain safety measures before installing one. It is always better that you hire handymen who can flawlessly assemble the hardtop gazebo, to avoid any damage or collapse of the gazebo in future.
  • If you’re a pro at assembling a gazebo, it is important that you carefully follow the instructions on the booklet before installing it in the garden.
  • Some of the basic tools you need to assemble a gazebo are a ladder, a hammer and a screwdriver. Since a gazebo is quite heavy usually, one should avoid installing it all alone at any cost.
  • Make sure that the area where the gazebo will be placed is not less than 6 feet away from other objects or barricades, including electrical lines.
  • Normally, six people are recommended for the safe assembly of a gazebo. People installing the gazebo should wear suitable gear while assembling it.
  • If the gazebo is being installed on a grass ground, stakes should be used. And for gazebos to be installed on a wooden deck or a concrete surface, you should get suitable fasteners.
  • You should check for all the nuts and bolts if they’re secured tightly. Also, it is important that you secure permissions with the authorities if needed.

How to Install

  • Begin with installing stakes or fasteners in the ground, as suitable/ recommended. Once you have firmly secured the stakes in place, attach the posts to them depending on their number. Some posts might need their particular installations, which should be done after reading the booklet.
  • Once you have created a foundation for the gazebo, move on to installing the entire hardtop roof as per the booklet. Avoid tightening of all the screws, as you may have to remove them if you’ve installed them incorrectly.
  • The third step would be to install the top most part of the hardtop gazebo. Read the booklet carefully before you install the top most part of the hardtop gazebo. Although this might sound like the easiest part of the installation, it requires precise technique to install.
  • The next and final step would be to complete the finishing look of the gazebo by installing the additional accessories and hooks that are needed for a firm installation.

Therefore, following the above steps and also seeking the help of the instruction booklet will let you easily set up a gazebo.