There are four main factors that you have to consider when looking for a hardtop.

#1 Deciding on size

One of the big factors in the price of your gazebo is how big it is. Obviously, the bigger it is, the more materials that will be needed, and materials cost money.

This isn’t always set in stone, though. Some hardtop gazebos, like the Gazebo Penguin, are relatively affordable despite the size.

Another consideration with size is if it has curtains, or doors. Doors are always going to be more expensive, but they’re much more luxurious.

#2 Which company?

gazebo company

Everyone company will use different qualities of materials. Cheap hardtops will come with so-so materials, and the good ones will come with the top of the line ones.

Rest assured that all of the gazebos we reviewed on our site come from reputable companies, and they all have a plethora of positive customer reviews. You can try to save a couple bucks and downgrade, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

#3 All of the features, none, or some?

For example…

  • Cheap gazebos will have a regular roof. Expensive gazebos will have a transparent roof.
  • Expensive gazebos will have places to hang lights and flow fixtures. Cheap gazebos will not.
  • Cheap gazebos might come with ineffective or ugly curtains. Expensive ones always come with the best possible.

See what we’re saying? Hardtop gazebos are all nice, but the company you choose will affect the quality of your hardtop and the price you pay for it.

#4 Taking shipping into consideration

Last but not least, make sure to check the shipping price. Sometimes, because hardtop gazebos are hard and heavy to ship, the company will tack on anywhere from $100 to $200 extra. No thanks! (All of the hardtops on the homepage include free shipping. Yay!)

That’s about it. Let’s recap in 4 bullets, shall we…?

  1. Size. The bigger the gazebo, the more you pay (in general).
  2. Company. Pick a company that uses HQ materials for their structures.
  3. Features. Think about which features you really need if you want to save money.
  4. Shipping. Don’t get tricked into thinking something is a good price when shipping is a hidden cost.

Thanks for reading!

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