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Hi! My name is Maria, and once upon a time, I was looking for my first hardtop gazebo just like you are now. I bought one that ended up being a huge hassle for me – it took forever to ship, it was missing parts, it took a full day to assemble… and it was flimsy on top of it all!

That’s why this website exists. I don’t want another homeowner to have to go through the same struggle that I did. These are the best hardtop gazebos that money can buy – and they are all available on Amazon (to make sure you don’t have a million problems with some random internet seller).

If you are looking to buy a hardtop gazebo, you will find one that suits you on the list below. For your convenience, I have sorted them by size. You can view the key features of each, check the current prices, and even read full reviews of each individual one!

Find your perfect hardtop gazebo below!

Hardtop Gazebo List

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10′ x 10′ and smaller

10′ x 12′

10′ x 13′ – 10′ x 14′

12′ x 12′

  • Riverstone
  • 12' x 12'
  • Natural Framework
  • Multiple Colors
  • N/A Stars

12′ x 14′

12′ x 16′

Hardtop gazebos are really tough to buy. If you visit your local kmart, Walmart, or Target, the selection will be pitiful, and they might not have the size (10×12, 12×12, or 12×14) that you need for your space, wherever that may be.

The better alternative is buying online. Prices are always cheap and the selection is much more expansive. And although you can’t actually see the gazebos in person, companies will upload detailed picture sets and videos for you to get a gauge on what the hardtop gazebos look like, so it’s not really a problem.

Rest assured that once you find the right gazebo, shipping and assembly is easy. The companies make it so anyone can put the canopy and hardtop together, no matter what your strength or handyman expertise is. The only tough part is finding one that’s within your budget, and one that you actually like the looks of!

That’s where we come in. We’ll go over what you should look for in a gazebo when buying online and give you the best hardtop gazebos for sale to set your sights on. We’ll give you a few different styles in a few different price ranges so that whoever you are, you can be sure you’re getting a great deal on your next backyard hardtop gazebo (or wherever you’ll be using it). READ ON!

The 5-minute guide to hardtop gazebos

Are you a gazebo expert? Probably not. But we are, and we know exactly what you should be looking for when you go to make your purchase. Look at the bullets below and keep them in mind when you consider each of the offerings below this section.

What to look for

How big?
Gazebos come in a few different sizes. 10×10 hardtop gazebos are the most popular, but 10×12, 12×16, 12×12, and 12×14 are all popular sizes as well. Measure the area you have to fill and make sure you get one that fits the space. The bigger the gazebo, the more people that can fit, but at the same time, you don’t want the space feeling “empty” if you get one that’s too big.

2What color and design? Gazebos can either add to the look of your backyard… or stick out like sore thumbs! Don’t get a gazebo that’s a sore thumb. Think about what types of colors and materials that you would like. Aluminum hardtop gazebos are the most common because of how they combine affordability with style. (The aluminum can be dyed to any specifications, such as silver, black, copper, etc.)

hardtop gazeboFor what purpose? Are you getting one for luxury (like the picture to the left), or are you getting one to just provide shade (aesthetics aren’t an issue)? In general, you will have to pay more if you want “the looks”, but luckily, the gap in between ugly ones and attractive ones is quite small. Cheap hardtop gazebos will run you around $500 to $600, and the good ones will start at $800 and continue all the way up to $1,500 and above.

Is it resistant to the elements? If you live in sunny Los Angeles, you might not need a weather-resistant gazebo. But if you’re in a location where storms are frequent, you’re going to want to splurge and get one that can withstand rusting. Otherwise, you’ll have to disassemble the gazebo kit every time it rains, and that’s just not practical in most situations.

What’s the warranty like? Since they’re outside, the wear and tear that’s put on gazebos is sometimes extreme. Although a lot of companies don’t offer great warranties, you can often find one who will offer a warranty for a few years, though sometimes at an added cost. Don’t worry – we’ll go over everything in each of the offerings below so you know exactly what to choose.

Vented roof? Is your gazebo going to heat up on hot days, or are there safeguards in place to keep airflow consistent? If it’s not out and you get something like an aluminum hardtop gazebo, you don’t want the temperature increasing out of control. That will affect the temperature of the air inside the gazebo and make everyone very uncomfortable.

Mosquito netting? Does your hardtop gazebo have mosquito netting to keep out pests? Especially at night, this is a big consideration, though you can always buy nets separately. Don’t let the inclusion or lack of nets affect your decision too much. You can always pick up nets separately, and companies will sometimes offer nets specific to each model as extras.

Our Picks for the Top 5 Best Gazebos (Hardtop Edition)

Our #1 Overall Pick


The 12′ x 16′ Hardtop Gazebo from MESSINA!

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Ladies and gentlemen! You are not going to find anything better than this. A gazebo of this size and quality will allow you to relax outside in perfect comfort during the warmer months for years (or even decades) down the line. Of the customer reviews, not a single person has rated it as less than a perfect 100% – click here to read those reviews and check the current price for the 12×16 from Messina.

The roof is vented for maximal comfort. Rain is not let in due to the slanted roof. And the roof is actually a type of galvanized steel, meaning it doesn’t heat up as much as aluminum does. (The internal temperature will be cooler!)

Mosquito nets included, and unlike other brands, Messina’s mosquito nets are actually quite attractive. They are semi–transparent at night. You will be able to see outside.

Assembly is super-duper EASY! According to customers who own this gazebo, assembly takes just a few hours, which is pretty amazing considering the size of this thing.

ATTRACTIVE! This gazebo will look great anywhere you put it. We just love the look. Click here for a full picture gallery if you want to look further than those two pictures we posted above.

Overall? It’s the best, and the price reflects that.

As long as you’re getting a hardtop gazebo in the first place (and spending $1,000+ anyways), we would highly recommend making the jump to the roomer, higher-quality 12’x16′ offering from Messina. Although it’s more expensive, you’ll love looking at it and relaxing in it, and the area inside is big enough for a dining table and a separate lounge area. You’re pretty much buying a portable, outdoor room – which we think is pretty cool!

Below is a video of a customer assembling a gazebo – when you buy, your process will be similar.

Best by Size

hardtop gazebo sizes

A representation on the difference between the different sizes. 10×10 is small, whereas something like 12×16 would definitely be large.

If you have a size in mind, select below to make your buying journey easier. Overall, the second and third ones are the most popular, but other sizes are good, too.

10′ x 10′ | Gray Color

10x10-1 10x10-2 10x10-3

Palermo 3000

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Gazebo sizes aren’t random. Each one suits a particular amount of furniture inside. In the case of 10′ x 10′, you’ll be able to comfortable fit three to four regular-sized chairs with a small chair. However, you might have trouble fitting anything more than that, like a lounge chair.

That being said, the Palermo 3000 is a top choice if you’re going for the smaller size. It looks really good. It has all of the features that you need, like a vented top and mosquito nets, and all things considered, the price is pretty darn good.

There aren’t that many 10′ x 10′ hardtop gazebos out there, honestly. If you look around, you’ll find subpar hardtop ones (like barebones models that are more of a hassle than a convenience), or fabric gazebos, and no one wants a low-quality one like that.

If you’re going small, go for the Palermo 3000. Simple as that!

10′ x 12′ #1 | Bronze Hardtop

Dimensions for this hardtop.

Dimensions for this hardtop.


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Looking to relax outside in a space that’s just big enough? 10′ x 12′ is perfect for you. Instead of just a small table and some chairs, you can fit real chairs – the comfortable ones that you love eating on, reading on, or even watching TV on (if you bring your tablet out to the gazebo).

CASTEL’s 10′ x 12′ hardtop gazebo is one of our favorites because of its elegance. Although there aren’t that many pictures of it online, you can get a good gauge from the ones that do exist. This isn’t just a roof over your head – this is a display piece that looks awesome in any yard!

The CASTEL 10x12 gazebo is almost as elegant as this ultra-elegant swan. Don't you agree?

The CASTEL 10×12 gazebo is almost as elegant as this ultra-elegant swan. Don’t you agree?

The frame is rust-proof, too, which means the beauty won’t deteriorate in a few years (or months, if you’re in a rainy climate). No one wants to hang out in a rusty gazebo. That’s like hanging out in a rotting house – not good.

Last but not least, this hardtop gazebo is on our list of the best gazebo reviews because of easy it is to upkeep the unit. You can buy accessories and replacement parts very easily from the manufacturer, and the prices are pretty good, too. (Some companies will try to bleed you dry on accessories – CASTEL doesn’t believe in that.)

10′ x 12′ #2 | Aluminum Hardtop

Chatham Steel

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Maybe the 12×10 option above was too expensive for your tastes. Understand that hardtop gazebos are pretty expensive in general, so you should always be expecting to pay over $1,000. We can get you pretty close to that with the Chatham Steel. Click here to check the price.

Take a look at the picture above. As with the other similar offering, you’ll be able to fit one couch and a couple chairs comfortably. But, that’s where it stops – you can’t turn it into a multi-purpose room like you could if you went with the gazebo below.

The Chatham Steel is one of the top-reviewed hardtop gazebos for sale online. On one particular website, 27 people rated it, and over 60% of those ratings were a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

Here is what the reviewers are saying:

  • Awesome shipping and packaging. Nothing arrives damaged, and you’ll have the parts within just a few days from buying.
  • Easy, easy, easy to assemble. There are very few screws and bolts, and all of the tools needed are included. The only thing to note is that a little more work is required if you want to bolt this hardtop down. For example, if you live in windy Miami, you’ll want to put in the extra effort.
  • Aside from that, everything is perfect. The aluminum hardtop gazebo frame holds up over time, and even with heavy use, the top of it looks like as good today as it does a year or 10 years from now.

It’s a budget offering, but a darn good one at that!

If you want the best gazebo you can have (and you don’t mind spending a little more for quality), continue on for another fantastic 12′ x 16′ hardtop gazebo. Slightly worse than the first best one we gave you, but also a bit cheaper.

10′ x 14′ | Charcoal Aluminum

Although 10' x 14' is an abnormal size, it offers an extra two feet on two sides for more room to lounge around and relax.

Although 10′ x 14′ is an abnormal size, it offers an extra two feet on two sides for more room to lounge around and relax.


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We really like the look of this one. Especially with the white furniture, the aluminum and charcoal hardtop gazebo is a great addition to almost any well-kept yard or patio.

Most of the features you’d expect come with this offering. It’s best for homeowners and property owners who need a gazebo, but they don’t think that the standard size is quite big enough. Maybe you’ve been in a standard one and found it lacking, or maybe you just like the extra room. Either way, you’re going to want to go with the Meridien for all of the necessary features with an abnormal (but useful) amount of room.

The only downside of this one is that there are no existing customer reviews to be found online, but the parent company, Sojag, is pretty well-known. You can expect fast shipping, somewhat-easy installation (you are assembling a freakin’ gazebo, after all), and a product that looks great and lasts for the foreseeable future.

12′ x 16′ | All Season Usage

Sorry for the small pics!

Sorry for the small pics!


Gazebo Penguin

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There are plenty of climates where it’s temperate year round, and you can be outside in your gazebo 365 days a year. The problem is that most hardtop gazebos aren’t made to withstand the harsher climates of fall and winter. Even if the weather is warm, the rain, hail, and even snow in those months can leave you trapped inside and unable to use your gazebo.

Get the Gazebo Penguin’s massive 12′ x 16′ offering if you’re someone who likes to be outside all of the time. The first 12′ x 16′ offering on this list is all-season, too, but the Gazebo Penguin can be had at a slightly cheaper price (though you do sacrafice some of the looks for that price cut).

Other notable features:

  • Baked enamel finish. Other types of finishes, even if they are rust-resistant, won’t be perfect. The finish from Gazebo Penguin is truly top notch and doesn’t allow a single particle of rust to form, even in moist conditions.
  • Hooks for lights (and other items). A nice little feature that the other cheap hardtop gazebos (and regular-priced ones, even) on this list don’t have.
  • Everything included. Nets, screens, setup tools, instructions, everything.
  • Overall, it’s the full gazebo package at the largest size for a pretty good price.

Cheap Hardtop Gazebo Selection

lancaster grilling gazebo

It may be small, but it packs a powerful punch. Meet the Lancaster.

Sunjoy Lancaster Hardtop Grill Gazebo

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By now, if you’re still reading, you haven’t found a hardtop gazebo you can afford. In terms of aesthetics, the ones above are the best you’ll find anywhere (unless you want to upgrade to a professional-grade version that costs $10,000+ and can hold 100+ people).

The cheapest hardtop gazebo you’ll want to consider is the Sunjoy Lancaster Hardtop Grill Gazebo. Its purpose is to protect the grillmaster from getting wet, and it also provides shade for those longer cuts of meat. (The dimensions are large enough for a cooler to be placed right next to the grill, too.)

You can replace that cooler space with a casual chair, but don’t mistake this hardtop gazebo for one that you can lounge under. It’s not really meant for that, and the price reflects it.

By and large, if you need a cheap hardtop gazebo that can be used for recreational purposes, the minimum you’re going to spend is a little over $1,000 on one of the offerings above. Gazebos are one of those pieces of furniture where you just can’t skimp on materials – if you do, the aesthetics are off point (everything looks cheap), or the metal rusts over time, or any one of the number of problems that can come with shoddy gazebo design.

Just don’t do one. Get an affordable gazebo over a cheap one, like the 10×10 one above.

thinking-girlStill want to trek over to your local kmart, Walmart, or Target and check out the junk they have on sale? We didn’t think so. Buy online and get a great deal on a hardtop gazebo that you’re actually proud of.

Scroll up to see the best of the best. Or, click here to read individual reviews of each of the gazebos, or click here to check out the blog. See you next time!