The Gazebo Penguin (open with curtains attached).

The Gazebo Penguin (open with curtains attached).


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The hardtop Gazebo Penguin is a massive 12′ x 16′. That’s 192 square feet – almost double the size of the smaller hardtop gazebos we’ve reviewed on our site. If you want an outdoor pad, you want to look at the Gazebo Penguin.

Right off the bat, we know what you’re thinking. Such a large gazebo means the price is going to be outrageous, right?

Actually, it’s not. We were just as surprised as you will be when you visit the official product page. Although it doesn’t have perfect 5/5 reviews, the Gazebo Penguin is a fantastic affordable solution to buying a huge gazebo.

Below, we’ll go over the good and the bad. If you’re considering the Penguin hardtop gazebo (or you just need a gazebo in general, and this one looks good), read on to learn if it’s the right choice for you.

What the Gazebo Penguin does REALLY well…

It’s huge. Did we mention that already? Seriously, unless you’re buying a commercial gazebo, this is as big as it gets. The space is large enough for a lounge area, a dining area, and some extra room on top of that. A room of this size looks a lot bigger when it’s outside rather than inside.

Surprisingly, the roof is transparent. Were you expecting a cheap roof because of the cheap price? So were we, but it’s UV resistant and lets through a moderate amount of sunlight to keep you warm. (But not so much to where you start getting sunburned while you’re trying to relax, you know?)

Decent curtains included. They’re not the most attractive (beige). But they work with the color of the gazebo. If you want a different color, you can get curtains separately for just $100 or so extra. (Then, you’ll have the beige ones as a backup, too – just in case.)

Hanging options. You can put up pots of flowers or hanging lights all around the frame. Keep in mind that you (probably) don’t want wires running to and from your gazebo, so make sure to pick up a few portable lighting fixtures if you want to take advantage of this feature.



The finish is truly rust-resistant. Other materials are pretty good at resisting rust, but the Gazebo Penguin’s finish is literally baked. The chemical change means that rust can’t form, no matter how much moisture you send at the Penguin.

Overall, that’s five good things about the Gazebo Penguin. Now, let’s look at the bad – then, you can make an educated decision on whether to buy or not.

Special considerations (“the catch”)

You might need two people. There was one reviewer who said he did it by himself… but he also said that he worked in construction for a few years when he was younger. So, we’re sure that you could do it by yourself, but it might be faster with two people.

Big snowstorms are a no-go. One reviewer said the Gazebo collapsed under a 2-day snowstorm in upstate New York. As long as you’re not putting your Penguin under extremely strenuous condiitons like that guy did, you’re fine.

Some people had it shipped with missing parts. But Amazon instantly send them a new package for the missing parts, and the problems with missing parts seem to have stopped as of early 2015. (Phew!)

All in all, get the Penguin if you want a nice, huge and cheap gazebo.

If you want one that’s ultra luxury, you might opt for a smaller gazebo with sliding doors, but for everyone else who wants the room, the Gazebo Penguin should be the first place you look. If you look for other cheap gazebos in this size range, you’ll see that they almost all have negative reviews, though you’re more than free to try for yourself.


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