There are endless options for your outdoor space, but today, we’d like to discuss why gazebo ideas should be on your list.

Gazebos provide many benefits for your backyard, as well as the opportunity to add some personal flair. A gazebo can reflect your personal style and can even be an extension of your indoor design and decor.

With these gazebo ideas to get you started, you’ll come up with plenty of options to tweak and suit your taste.

Benefits of Installing a Gazebo in your Backyard

Before we take a look at our favorite gazebo ideas, consider the benefits of installing a gazebo in your backyard. Keeping these benefits in mind may help you come up with your own ideas and land on the optimal gazebo ideas for your backyard.

Gazebos Extend Your Outdoor Time

Gazebos protect from both the sun and the rain. If you live in cooler, seasonal climates, installing an enclosed gazebo allows you to get fresh air regardless of the temperatures.

If you want to maximize use of your backyard, a gazebo is an optimal addition to your landscape. Fresh air is crucial to our well-being, so finding ways to increase your time spent outside important. If you need more ideas on how to build winter hardtop gazebos for cold weatherCLICK HERE

Gazebos Provide a Social Boost

Gazebos provide an excellent place to entertain. Regardless of what the weather might decide to do, a gazebo has you covered. Gazebos can also lend atmosphere to your gathering.

Gazebos Look Awesome

Regardless of the style you choose, a gazebo provides a great focal point for your garden or backyard. Whether you design it as a complement to your house or as a standout feature on your property, a gazebo makes a statement. Especially, gazebos that have good reviews.

Peace and Relaxation

Gazebos can provide an escape that allows for some peace and relaxation. A peaceful environment out in nature can allow us the opportunity to take a step back and reflect. Something that can feel like a luxury in this hectic world – as well as chance to simply unwind.


More and more of us are working from home. Having a separate, dedicated place to escape in the home is increasingly important.

Al Fresco Dining from the Comfort of Home

If you choose a gazebo with space for a picnic table or outdoor dining set, you can eat in the fresh air whenever your heart desires.

Added Privacy

If you live in close proximity to your neighbors, a gazebo can provide desirable privacy at a manageable price point.

Property Value

Adding a permanent structure to your property has the potential to add value. Particularly if the structure is utilitarian in nature. A gazebo might not provide much actual value to your home. Even so, a quality well-planned gazebo can be selling point to potential buyers down the road.

20 Gazebo Ideas You’ll Want in Your Back Yard

excellent gazebos ideas

While hot tubs and gazebos may seem like an ideal match, there are some things you should consider before putting a gazebo-covered hot tub in your backyard.

Garden Gazebo

Garden gazebos are the perfect way to enjoy the lovely gardens you’ve worked hard to grow. Classic gazebos and intimate circle or square gazebos blend beautifully with gardens. They work well as a focal point in your garden, allowing you to enjoy the garden from afar as well as from within.

You can take the integration a step further by growing your garden around the gazebo and training vine up a lattice.

Al Fresco Dining Area

Dining outside is alluring no matter the time of day. Whether the skies are blue, fiery from the sunrise, or studded with stars – fresh air dining can make any meal a bit more special.

Social Setting

social gazebo ideas

These days outdoor seating options look a lot like indoor furniture. Many of us are looking to create an outdoor oasis that’s just as comfortable as our indoor dens and entertainment spaces.

Gazebos allow you to take the entertaining outdoors without worrying about the elements. They provide additional protection and privacy for your social gatherings.

Kiddie Outdoor Play Area

kiddie gazebo ideas

Kids need a break too. Creating an enclosed area for them to play outside provides them the opportunity to get some fresh air while keeping occupied with their toys. If it’s enclosed, it also allows you to get some things done without them interfering. You could even set up a little storage area for toys and games they can play with outside.

Outdoor Zen Space

Gazebos provide a great place to escape, so why not go the extra mile and design it for that express purpose? Clean, simple lines, natural elements, and minimal decor are a good way to go for a Zen outdoor space.


You don’t need much to set up a place for yoga, meditation, or reflection. Select minimalist accents, and warm up space with welcoming pillows and cushions. Create a comfortable sitting area to curl up with a book. Add some outdoor floor cushions, and even leave enough floor space to do some yoga or stretching.


A simple water feature would be a great addition to enhance an atmosphere of relaxation.

Set Dressing

Gazebos can provide the perfect backdrop or outdoor enclosure for a special occasion. If you’re looking to build a permanent structure for your personal enjoyment. Consider whether you want to use it for entertainment or for special occasions.

Modern Lines and Contemporary Fashion

Have an appreciation for the most cutting-edge architecture? Gazebos provide the opportunity to add unique design elements to your current property without the cost or burden of building an addition – or the need to build a brand-new home.

Modern Yurt

Get creative and bring the glamping trend to your own backyard. Yurts are a close cousin to the gazebo and can similarly range in quality and luxury.


Yurts are round in shape and usually designed to be portable. So if you are into camping in style, a yurt may be worth considering. You can set it up in your yard for regular use, and when you’re ready to hit the road, the yurt can come along with you.


Many come with canvas siding a crosshatch lattice framework and windows. Allowing for natural light and a pleasing aesthetic with the ultimate in privacy. Even if you don’t plan to take it on the road, yurts offer wonderful inspiration for non-traditional gazebo ideas.

Pergola Covered Kitchen

If you want to take outdoor dining a step further and take the whole kitchen outside, an attached pergola provides a nice extension from the house while allowing for air flow and an abundance of natural light.

Many people are building entire outdoor kitchens so they can enjoy the fresh air and remain part of the party when entertaining.

Tiki Style Gazebo

Bring the beach vibe to your backyard and build a tiki-style hut. A thatched roof, reclaimed wood, and some casual seating are all you need to recreate the ultimate casual beach style.

Chinese Pagoda Style Gazebo

Fans of Eastern aesthetic might love the idea of incorporating pagoda-style elements to their gazebo ideas.

Pagoda – or double-tiered – roofs are already common options for gazebos. Incorporating Eastern aesthetic into the roof is a simple way to include that Eastern element without completely mimicking the ornate features of a Chinese-style pagoda. That said, you might want to run with it and build that ornate Chinese pagoda in your backyard! While you’re at it, consider adding a koi pond as well (fish optional).

Rustic Cabin Style Gazebo

If you love being out in the woods, building a rustic wood cabin style gazebo might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Whether you are surrounded by trees or not, a rustic wooden gazebo can create the outdoors experience.

Include a fire pit and some Adirondack chairs, or perhaps add some stone elements to create a lodge-style space. If you’re looking to go all in, you can even build a full fireplace and chimney into one side of your gazebo, creating a perfect blend of outdoor-indoor living.

Slice of Luxury

Lovers of the finer things in life might want to take the route of luxury with their outdoor living spaces. Gazebos can be designed in any fashion to suit any style, and they’re a great way to add that element of luxury and refined living to an outdoor space.

From grand Roman columns to domed rooftops, gazebos can be fashioned in the style of iconic buildings and classic architecture.

Be Part of Nature

The grid-like beamed covering and open-sided features of Pergolas lend them to blend in and over time become part of the vegetation that surrounds them. Ivy and climbing plants can grow up around the supporting pillars and overhead beams, creating the sensation of being part of the landscape itself.

Alternatively, use all-natural materials like bamboo screens and teak furniture to create a minimalist, sleek, clean area. Amidst clean lines and natural elements, you’ll feel aligned with nature.

Hot Tub Gazebos

Square gazebos and hot tubs go together like bread and butter. Gazebos provide added protection from the elements as well as increased privacy for your hot tub. Gazebos increase enjoyment and enhance relaxation, maximizing the benefits of your hot tub.

Decked Out

A wooden deck is another popular backyard feature, so why not combine the best of both worlds and add a gazebo to the deck of your back door? Gazebos and pergolas don’t have to be on the ground, and in fact, incorporating them into a deck is a great way to extend your home into the outdoors.

They give a deck character and can go a long way in enhancing the atmosphere you’re attempting to create in your outdoor space. Add woodwork details, cover a pergola with fabric, or train vines to grow up along the pillars to achieve the look you love.

Floating Pond Gazebo

If you already have a pond or a stream on your property, building a gazebo right over the pond or as a center point on a bridge crossing the pond is a wonderful option.

Industrial Art

If you really want to make a statement, create a structure that is a part of the gazebo-like function, part modern art. Incorporate contemporary industrial elements into your architecture that contrasts with natural elements in your property. Bright white, sharp angles and minimalist lines capture the modernism vibe perfectly.

Whimsical Wonderland

Because gazebos are separate from the home and somewhat less permanent, they provide the opportunity to get a bit more creative with design and style.

When it comes to custom gazebos, they provide a perfect opportunity to let your personality and personal tastes shine through – for example, create a whimsical atmosphere for teatime. Even if you’re on a budget, look for design accents that you might not be as willing to incorporate into your home.

Classic Whitewash

Classics are classic for a reason. Sometimes the traditional whitewashed octagonal gazebo is the perfect complement to your landscape.  You can choose how fancy you want to get with the wooden accents and details – keep it sleek for a modern update on a classic, or include intricate woodwork details like scalloping for a more classic style.

The Best Gazebo Ideas Will Suite YOU!

With a range of pre-made affordable gazebos and through the most unique, tailor-made structures. The sky is the limit when it comes to awesome gazebo ideas. From portable, collapsible canvas gazebos that provide shade for your picnic table. Or on a hot sunny day to a functional piece of modern art. That is such a statement as a practical addition to your property. There are infinite options for you to choose from with these ideas.


These 20 gazebo ideas are simply a starting point. Creating your backyard oasis can be a fun, creative, and highly rewarding venture. Our absolute favorite gazebo idea is the one that suits someone’s personal style. Also, fits well in their environment, and serves the function they want it to serve most. CLICK HERE on how make your summer 2019 memorable with your hardtop gazebo.

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