Gazebos add a whole new aspect to any outdoor space. But have you ever thought of gazebo curtains to make this structure even more delightful? These garden structures are open and freestanding, with a sturdy roof and enough space for a few people to sit inside.

Just hanging out and relaxing in a gazebo is enjoyable enough. That’s especially true if you spend that time with your loved ones. However, adding gazebo curtains might be just what you need to make that place into a safer, more calming space. In the current era of covid, spending some safe time outdoors is even more necessary.

With the proper outdoor curtains, you can get the fresh air and still stay fairly safe from germs. If nothing else, just the change of surrounding and a relaxing dining experience will make the gazebo privacy curtains worth your while.

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Let’s start with 12 of the best options available today.

12 Best Gazebo Curtains That Deserve Your Attention

If you haven’t considered gazebo curtains yet, it’s time to think about these now. Outdoor curtains are usually weatherproof and will also resist fading. Therefore, you won’t have to replace them much either. Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out these offerings and choose your favorite one.

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The LORDTEX outdoor gazebo curtains are polyester, but they’re designed to have smooth linen or rustic burlap look. They come in a variety of sizes. So, you can place your order according to the size of your gazebo. The color range available is yet another bonus!

The rust-proof grommets help these curtains to hang on standard curtain rods. This quality makes installing and moving fairly simple. While the fabric itself is sheer, it will filter out enough light to make the atmosphere comfortable inside. That way, you can easily spend time in your gazebo without being uncomfortable during bright, sunny days. Plus, you’d get the privacy you deserve while hanging out in your outdoor space.

2. Wilike

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The Wilike outdoor curtains are semi-sheer curtains available in blue, gray, green, red, and yellow shades. The material is again polyester, which is understandable for weatherproof curtains. You’ll get a strong, sturdy draping with this option. That will give your gazebo a stylish look while keeping its interior private.

There are silver grommets on these curtains. These serve to add a touch of elegance to any space. Keep in mind that these aren’t blackout curtains, though. But you can certainly pair them with some.

We like the fact that these curtains are pretty easy to take care of; there’s no need to bleach or tumble dry them (in fact, you’re not supposed to). Machine washing is acceptable, but you should make sure to use the cold water cycle. Another great benefit is that these curtains are multi-purpose in nature. You can even reuse them in your backyard, garden, or patio if you’ve just bought some new curtains for your gazebo (just for a change!)


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The RYB HOME curtains come with tieback rope, making it quite a convenient option for gazebo owners. If you’re looking for gazebo curtains, having a tieback on hand can be a useful addition.

The curtains here may be translucent and sheer, but they give you UV protection from the light outside. This could be a lifesaver for people with sensitive skin or those who just want to relax outside without having to squint in the sun. The polyester material here has gone through special treatment. That’s why they’ll be easy and quick to dry after washing.

Additionally, these useful curtains will stay clean and intact for a long time. Their sturdy construction makes them withstand even serious weather conditions like strong winds and constant rain. During the summer, gazebo curtains like these will also keep the structure’s interior cool.


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The NICETOWN curtain is waterproof and comes with a detachable sticky tab for proper closing. You also get a rope tieback with each panel, which is a nice touch.

With this option, we can cut down on the harmful sun rays that might otherwise destroy your skin. The curtains will also make for an insect barrier as long as they stay closed. At the same time, they’re soft and floaty enough to billow in the wind.

The fabric for these gazebo curtains is a sort of voile fabric, waterproof yet soft and breathable. Since the sticky tab on top is detachable, there’s no need to bring down the whole rod when you’re hanging curtains and don’t want a lot of grommets.

Fortunately, this option is also machine-washable. You can also dry-clean these gazebo curtains. But, the quality here is quite impressive, even though the curtains aren’t heavy-duty.


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The HOMEIDEAS curtains are thermal insulated and waterproof to boot. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. That’s why you can choose according to your preference and requirements. The elegant shades of light gray and grayish-white will no doubt add a touch of class to your gazebo.

These gazebo curtains are 100 percent polyester fabric, high quality, and treated with waterproof materials. The result of all this is that the curtains can hold up to several years of consistent use and even retain their colors during the rain.

The fabric here is quite soft and makes use of triple weave technology. There’s no chemical smell. The fabric is silky, nice to touch, and provides a good draping effect.

Finally, the blackout quality of these curtains will prevent energy loss from the gazebo. That way, it will also help you make it through the summer without much skin damage. If you want to nap in your gazebo, these curtains are also handy for blocking out outdoor noise.


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The BONZER waterproof curtains are thermal-insulated and supposed to be proper blackout curtains. There are several color options, including silver, in case you prefer some shiny effect! Inside each package, you have a set of two outdoor curtains and eight rust-proof grommets.

These gazebo curtains are among the best ones out there. An excellent feature is its durable, waterproof fabric that comes in vibrant colors and is weatherproof to boot. You can even hang them up when it’s raining or snowing, as the BONZER option is sturdy enough to withstand them.

With the thick fabric, you also get some privacy from prying eyes. Plus, the thermal effect will serve to keep you warm on chilly evenings.

7. Macochico

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These Macochico curtains have some amazing waterproof effects. You get the same color on both sides while 90 to 95 percent of the harmful UV rays are blocked.

You can also use these gazebo curtains to block out noise, insulate yourself from the cold, and generally enjoy your gazebo to the fullest. Whether the rain comes or not, the curtain panels here are sure to retain their appearance.

You might want to get extra curtain fabric to make sure the appearance is everything you desire. This precaution will make sure that you get the right look and fullness without too much hassle. No matter what you use them for, these gazebo curtains will be sure to give you some much-needed privacy.


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These readymade LIFONDER curtain panels will fit most standard curtain rods fairly easily. The silver grommets provided in the package will also make the panel quite simple to hang.

The curtains here are meant to be used out of doors. These comprise a blackout material that consists of high-thread genuine polyester. The thread count makes the material silky, waterproof, and heavy-duty all in one go.

What’s more, these curtains’ color won’t fade so easily with time or exposure to the sun. You can use them for your noise reduction or any other purpose. They’re probably strong enough to get through a lot.

While many gazebo curtains come with instructions to only spot-clean any stains, the ones we’re talking about here are easily washable. This makes just another convenient factor for this choice.

9. Anjee

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The Anjee gazebo curtains come with loops, which you can directly slide over any drapery rod. You also get a grommet top for each panel. That would make it fairly easy to install.

These curtains are also durable. Therefore, their beautiful appearance will not be marred by the raid or wind. With the triple weave technology Anjee curtains provide, you can block up to 95 percent of the sun’s rays.

Since the curtains are climate-friendly, they’d be making the gazebo warm during the winter and cool during the summer. These are wrinkle-free and machine washable as well. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any issue in getting these curtains.

10. Cross Land

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If you love chocolate hues, you’ll fall in love with the Cross Land gazebo curtains. These curtains also come with around eight silver grommets, which make curtain panels easier to use. With the quality Oxford fabric here, you get protection from UV rays, flying dust, noise, and several other disturbances.

The fabric here is quite silky despite its sturdiness. With the elegant setting, it will create, you can feel free to invite any of your guests over for a chat or a light meal inside the gazebo.

The fabric is also breathable and practical, which helps in improving the air quality around the gazebo.


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The PONY DANCE curtains are made to fit most kinds of standard rods. They’re made from waterproof polyester that’s also fade-resistant. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about putting them in the bright sunlight. The silver grommet rings included in the package enable us to easily slide the curtains back and forth as required. This quality will also help the curtains last as long as possible.

Overall, the curtains will block out around 85 to 95 percent sunlight and protect you from those damaging UV rays. They’ll also protect your privacy, block out even strong winds, and help you enjoy the outdoors in your gazebo without suffering the forces of nature.


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If you want to keep the chairs inside your gazebo dry even on a rainy day, DREAM ART gazebo curtains are the right solution. The package containing these DREAM ART curtains comes with just one panel, so make sure to order according to your needs. If you want a full effect, each panel should be around 1.5 to 2.7 times the width of the window or opening. The eight silver grommets here make it easy to utilize the curtain panels.

The specialty of the gazebo curtains is that they’re made of high-density fabric. This means that they are the latest technology in textiles. Thus, these curtains give a soft, refined, and elegant look to the gazebo.

Again, the 100 percent polyester fabric is quite easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is make sure that the water in the washing machine remains below 31 degrees when you put in these curtains.

So, Which One Is the Best for Your Gazebo?

The best gazebo curtains will give you privacy, block out the sun a bit, allow a bit of breeze inside, and generally improve the ambiance of your gazebo. With the right choice, you’ll ideally be able to enjoy natural lighting during the day and a cozy experience in the evening. You can even brighten things up with lanterns, fairy lights, and so on. Just use your creativity and make a beautiful outdoor space with gazebo curtains!

The perfect gazebo curtains will probably not be the same for everyone. Finding the absolute best one for you could be a challenge. But there’s no time like the present to start your search! In a pinch, we’d say that the RYB HOME Outdoor Sheer Curtains are among the top gazebo curtains around. They provide UV ray protection, shade, and long-term durability to boot.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know your favorite pick.

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