Our Seven Favorite Garden Gazebos

Gazebos have been around for centuries, and in that time they have created peaceful places in public parks, and backyard oases for friends to gather. They have come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with details ranging from the ornate to the purely functional.

They have always aimed to provide a space outdoors that allows its occupants to enjoy the beauty of nature while still being protected from the elements.

Today, you probably most commonly see gazebos offering shade in lavish backyards, or turning private residential pools into the stuff of five star resorts. These gazebos are great for gathering, entertaining, and dining, but you might have something more reflective in mind for your gazebo.

That’s where the traditional garden gazebo comes in handy. Garden gazebos are quaint. They’re focused on charm, craftsmanship, and the appreciation of nature. Sure, you can use them as your own private oasis, but you aren’t likely to sit in one and sip a tropical Mai tai with a plastic umbrella stuck in it. Of course, if that’s your thing, then by all means, go ahead.

The Seven Best Garden Gazebos for Your Yard

The point is, that garden gazebos offer something more mired in tradition, and that’s exactly what you want. You want to admire your garden. You want to hear the song of the birds. You want to sit, and read, and reflect, and not get sunburn while you’re doing it.

Garden gazebos turn your backyard into more than just an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Garden gazebos turn your backyard into a sanctuary. Your space is special, your landscaping is sacred, and your time spent out in the wonders of nature is heavenly.

1. Bayside 10 Ft. W x 10 Ft. D Solid Wood Patio Gazebo

10ft patio gazebo

This solid red cedar gazebo is weather-resistant, and it’s made from 100% renewable resources. It’s environmentally friendly, and it makes for a welcoming addition to your garden. The natural red cedar will complement the lush green hues of your garden, and you don’t even need to add a finish.

It features an octagonal shape, solid wood floors, and a charming design. It’s striking, dramatic, and it’s sure to make visitors to your garden stop and take notice. You can relax underneath its shingled roof with a good book, or a good friend, and you can wait out a warm spring storm. In fact, you might not want the light pitter-patter of the rain to ever stop when you can find shelter in such a pretty little gazebo.

This compact gazebo has room for furnishings, but you might find that it’s perfect just the way it is. It’s the kind of place you come to when you just want to lean against the railing and think. You don’t need comfy armchairs or a patio table. You just need a sheltered space to stand and think.

2. Octagon English Cottage Garden Gazebo

english gazebo

This is one of the best garden gazebos if you love a little DIY. It comes unfinished, which means that you can stain it however you would like, and it has no floor, so you can lay your own foundation. You can put it on an existing patio, you can create a foundation for it out of brick, or concrete, or you can build a wooden floor to match the exterior.

Whatever you choose to do for the floor, it’s clear that this gazebo belongs at the end of a long garden path. It’s the kind of gazebo that you want to stumble upon. You don’t just plop it down right in the open for anybody to see. You make it so they have to work to find it. This is a gem, and it should be a hidden gem. Can’t you just picture pushing through some lilac bushes to find this waiting for you?

The gazebo is hand-sculpted from North American Douglas Fir and Spruce, and it can take a 2-person team just one day to assemble it. One day? You have Ikea furniture that’s taken longer. You can spend one day building a cozy garden getaway.

3. The Amelie Architectural Steel Garden Gazebo

Steel Garden Gazebo

Garden gazebos are great for everyday use, but they are also perfect for special occasions. There’s something about their charm and elegance that begs them to be used for more than just reading and chatting.

No garden gazebo exemplifies that point as much as this one by the Design Toscano Company. Its beautifully sculpted and hand-painted steel arches will practically take your breath away, and they’ll leave your guests speechless. Whether it’s a wedding, a vowel renewal, or a proposal, this gazebo offers the perfect space to do something truly special.

You can drape the gazebo in canvas, or mesh curtains to provide shelter from the sun on an ordinary day, but on special days you can drape it in flowers, lights, or bright fabric.

Planning an outdoor wedding and need an altar that’s as durable as it is

Beautiful? This gazebo is made of tubular powder-coated steel that can withstand wind, rain and sun.

It looks gorgeous enough on its own, but placed inside your beautiful garden, surrounded by lush greenery and bright flowers, there just might be no better setting to say vows or pop the question.

It’s ornate, memorable, and completely unique. You might want to remember all the specifications for this one because once your guests see it, they’ll have nothing but questions about how they can get their own.

4. Achla Designs Rhapsody 6.5 x 6.5-ft. Wrought Iron Pavilion Gazebo

Iron Pavilion Gazebo

This charming and whimsical gazebo is just ready and waiting to be the piece de resistance of your backyard garden. Its whirling wrought iron design provides everything you need to have a real English garden no matter where you are.

Its dome shape and crown pinnacle give it the chic look of a royal conservatory, and it will automatically make your grass look greener, your perennials more perky, and your blooms more beautiful.

It has four arched openings, a circular dome, and wrought iron columns wrapped in wrought iron vines that give the gazebo movement and grace.

You can anchor it in the grass, or set it on a stone foundation for a more finished looked. Either way it will be the dramatic focal point of your garden, and you’ll find that guests will always want to go out and visit it.

That’s because the design is so transformative. You see, in the same way that it transforms your garden into a traditional English garden, it can also transform your guests. It can help provide a lovely view during the day, but it is even more powerful at night. Imagine staring up through the twisted metal vines of the dome at the midnight sky.

It’s both dramatic and quaint, and it’s the perfect size for a matching wrought iron bench, or two chairs and a small table. Yes, a little table set with a floral teapot, cups and saucers. What more could an English garden ask for?

5. Cedarshed Hexagon Screened Gazebo

Hexagon Gazebo

Just when you thought garden gazebos couldn’t get any cuter, or quainter, you run across a screened-in gazebo like this cedar model here. It looks like a combination between an English cottage and a traditional gazebo, and it has the benefits of both.

Although many traditional garden gazebos offer a little respite from the sun, wind, and rain, they typically offer little in the way of pest control. In a real English garden there might not be much reason for mesh and netting, but in so many parts of America warm weather means mosquitoes.

The charming screened panels on this all cedar model give you just the right amount of protection from bugs, and they give you a shelter with a little more security. You can use the gazebo as a quaint hideaway and also as a great place to store tools, supplies, and gardening equipment. That means that you can help maintain the look of your garden without having to trek back up to the garage every time you need to plant some flowers, or pluck some weeds.

It comes in pre-built panels with a pre-framed and pre-shingled roof making construction a breeze. There’s no cutting required, and you can have the whole structure set up within a day. Considering the hours of enjoyment that you can get out of this gazebo on a daily basis, that’s not a bad investment to make.

6. Heartland Cedar Oval Permanent Gazebo

Heartland oval gazebo

This heartland gazebo proves that garden gazebos don’t have to be small, cutesy, or purely quaint. This oval model is perfect for a table, chairs, and a small gathering. You don’t have to use it to throw massive dinner parties, but you do have the freedom to enjoy your garden with friends.

Its 10×14 oval design allows for plenty of guests, and its solid cedar frame provides plenty of shelter from the elements. All of its parts come pre-cut and ready to assemble, and the kit includes a shingled roof and a pre-treated floor.

This is the gazebo for a tea party. You can use it for many things, but a full-blown, real deal tea party is probably the best one. Admit it, there’s no better place for a tea party than your lavish garden.

Imagine a white wrought iron table with matching wrought iron loveseats. The table is set with mismatched floral teacups and saucers. Miniature cakes, colorful cookies, and triangular sandwiches sit in tiered dishes. A warm spring breeze blows and rustles the leaves of the trees. Your guests sip their tea and eat their cake. The cups and saucers clink. The birds chirp in the distance.

Isn’t that why you wanted a beautiful garden in the first place? Don’t you want the perfect place to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with the people you hold most dear? Is that too tall an order for a gazebo? Not when it looks this good.

​7. Yardcraft Vinyl Octagon Gazebo

Octagon Gazebo

This 12×12 octagonal gazebo features pressure-treated pine beams with vinyl sleeves to help keep them protected from the elements. It has a ten-foot ceiling at its center point, and it boasts plenty of room for furniture, or even, as the subscription suggests, a hot tub.

You’ve probably looked at dozens upon dozens of garden gazebos by now trying to find the right one for your yard, but has it ever occurred to you that you could use one to house a hot tub?

Probably not. You’ve probably been more focused on the traditional uses of a gazebo and the ways that you can use it for peace, quiet, and reflection. You’re still focused on those goals of course, and yet, the idea of a hidden hot tub at the end of a winding path is almost too enticing not to indulge for just a moment. Can’t you just see yourself pushing through some twisted vines to get to this charming gazebo and its unexpected warm waters?

Although, you can still wind your way down that gravel garden path and push aside those vines to find a comfy set of chairs and perhaps be no less disappointed. That’s because no matter what, this spacious gazebo gives you a chance to relax. It gives you a chance to put down your phone, take a deep breath, and take a moment for yourself.

The Right Garden Gazebo Will Transform Your Space 

Adding a garden gazebo to your backyard sanctuary can give it an instant boost. You’ll find that you love having a place to stop and appreciate your green thumb, and you’ll love being able to show it off to others. These seven garden gazebos give you plenty of options and plenty to think about as you plan your perfect garden. Reviewing them will help you consider what is most important for you in a gazebo, and how you can choose the one that will transform your garden.