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Hardtop gazebos can get to be EXPENSIVE! They can go all the way up to $3,000 and above. For some homeowners, that’s simply not affordable, even if you really want a gazebo.

We’re here to help. Below is our review of the Lancaster Grilling Hardtop Gazebo, which can be had for under $1,000. If you’re looking for a cheap gazebo that can be used for more than just protecting a grill and a grillmaster, you might consider checking out this gazebo, which is slightly over $1,000, but much larger.

Anyways, let’s get down to business on this one.

A “grilling gazebo”? Huh?

Looks hot? It is! Grilling under the sun can be brutal!

Looks hot? It is! Grilling under the sun can be brutal!

Anyone who grills knows how hot it can get when you’re over the fire. At a distance, you look cool, calm, and collected, but in reality, the sun is beating down on you, and you can’t wait to finish to get under the shade.

A grilling gazebo solves the problem above. Instead of standing in the sun, you stand in the shade. And there’s even some extra room on the sides, so if you have something else, like a boombox or cooler, you can keep that in the shade, too. (Or, someone can watch you grill – it’s always good to have company!)

But if you’re wondering, a grilling gazebo doesn’t really function as a regular gazebo.

Why? The dimensions are too small. And they’re pretty weird, too – 8′ x 8.7′. That’s about 64 square feet of room, which is roughly the size of a closet or small bathroom. Although it’s possible to relax in something that small, you may find sun coverage inadequate – unless you’re standing directly under the roof, the roof is so small that some sunlight will hit your legs or face, which isn’t ideal.

That being said, it can function as something that gives you shade. But like we said, if you’re looking for a real gazebo, check out this one.

Other notable features

Not transparent. This means all of the sun is blocked out, and the grillmaster isn’t sweltering while he (or she) is trying to cook up food for everyone.

Convenient counters on either side. Prepping food on the side of a grill is cramped and sometimes frustrating. On either side of the Lancaster Hardtop, you’ll find mini shelves to put plates and drinks on. (The shelves are made of glass, and they look pretty good.)

Vented roof to allow for smoke to escape. Sunjoy saves everyone money by making the roof a little less complex on the Lancaster. Instead of a complicated ventilation system, the Lancaster just lets the smoke go up and out effortlessly. (Yes, it still protects completely from rain, just in case a storm hits in the middle of your grilling.)

Last but not least, this one is truly easy to assemble. If you’ve read our other hardtop gazebo reviews, you will notice that we frequently recommend having another person to help you put everything together. In the case of the Lancaster, since it’s so small, one person can easily manage setup from start to finish.

Like we said, the only bad thing is the small inside area – but that can also be a good thing if you need your gazebo for just grilling.

Click here to read more about the Lancaster, or click here to check out our other cheap hardtop gazebo offering that can meet your budget and allow you to relax a little bit more.

Full picture of your new cheap gazebo!

Full picture of your new cheap gazebo!


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