Before starting, you should know that we reviewed a similar 10′ x 12′ gazebohere. It’s about $500 more, but it has sliding doors, whereas this one does not.

But this one (the Chatham Steel hardtop gazebo) has quite a few bells and whistles of its own. Below, we’ll go over the best features you should take note of, as well as a few considerations on who should buy the Chatham Steel. Read on for full pictures, a full summary, and a clear decision on whether or not you should get this gazebo.

​Let’s start with the specs

​If we’re being completely honest with you, all gazebos have the same features – a roof, etc. But they vary in the quality and type of materials used. The Chatham Steel uses some of the best possible, but the price is still lower than almost any other hardtop gazebo on the market today. We think that’s amazing.

  1. 1​Metal hardtop gazebo covering. We really like the aesthetics of the paneling, personally. Keep in mind that this gazebo won’t let light through, so it’s great to use for shade anywhere in your yard.
  2. 2​The strongest aluminum and metal elsewhere. The entire gazebo is made of materials that withstand damage to rust and even chippage. So, even if you’re in a rainy climate, you can get the Chatham Steel.
  3. 3​Believe it or not, can even be used for a hot tub! The rust resistance is so powerful that you can set it up in moisture-filled areas, like right over a hot tub or next to a pool.
  4. 4​Excellent height. The “clearance” height of this gazebo is well over six feet. That means that anyone – even your ultra-tall brother, cousin, or uncle – can fit in and relax in your gazebo with ease.
  5. 5​A super, super cheap price. Crappy gazebos are cheap. Nice hardtop ones aren’t. We expected this to cost closer to the $2,000 price point, but if you check the price, you’ll see that it’s actually closer to just $1,000. As far as hardtops go, that’s as cheap as it gets (pretty much, unless you want a tiny gazebo).

Chatham Steel Gazebo Best Uses

You can use it for two chairs and one small couch. 10′ x 12′ isn’t huge, but you can still comfortably fit two medium-sized chairs and one couch (probably a loveseat) with a small table. Here, you get the “living room” effect.

Feel free to turn it into a dining room with four chairs and one table. If you want to eat meals outside, the 10′ x 12′ size of this hardtop gazebo will let up to your people comfortably eat. You can try adding a fifth chair… but it will be cramped.

Or, if you’re lounging, go for some chairs lined up next to each other. Three regular chairs (or lounge chairs) can go size-by-size inside the Chatham Steel, and whoever is laying on them can converse without being too close to the other people inside. Of course, you can always swap out the furniture between the daytime and nighttime.

Finally… use it for your hot tub! See the picture below for inspiration. All you do is assemble the gazebo around your hot tub and you can enjoy it throughout the year – even if it’s raining or snowing!

​How to buy + price

We found the cheapest price for the Chatham Steel on Amazon. You can feel free to shop around, but we doubt you’ll find any better.

To purchase, make the payment and wait 1-2 weeks for the boxes to come in the mail. From there, you’ll have to spend a few hours assembling (or pay someone to do it), then you’re good.

​Let’s go! Click here to go to the product page, or click here to go to the homepage and check out all of the best hardtop gazebos.

​Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

  • ​Hard top metal steel roof is long lasting and durable
  • ​Powder coated to resist rust, corrosion and chipping
  • ​Aluminum & Steel powder coated rust resistant frame