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NOTE: The 10′ x 12′ has been out of stock for weeks on all online retailers. The 12′ x 14′ version is linked above. Everything is exactly the same, except it’s slightly larger.

Okay. If you’re searching for a hardtop gazebo, you’re clearly someone who likes nice things. A regular cloth ceiling? Thanks, but no thanks.

The problem is that even on hardtop gazebos, you’re still forced to use those lame curtains. Curtains are annoying – they flap around in the wind, they’re hard to zip and unzip, and overall, they’re just not that attractive. Instead of looking outside, you’re looking at curtains…

Well, the CASTEL has sliding screen doors. And they’re included. That’s right – when you buy this gazebo, you’re not really buying a gazebo. You’re buying an enclosed room that you can put outside and relax in during all months of the year! (Of course, the doors can be removed.)

The CASTEL 10’x12′ broken down in 7 short paragraphs!

It has a tinted roof! Yes, light can actually get through. Most gazebos will just block light entirely. Meh!sunshine

It has full screens from wall to wall! Along with the doors, you get screens. So, you can either have the doors up (to keep temperature steady), have the screens up (to prevent pests), or leave it wide open (for sunny spring and summer days).

It has an AMAZING bronze finish! The CASTEL costs a bit more than other gazebos in the same price range. One reason is the sliding doors, and the other is the amazing finish that comes on the top of the gazebo. It’ll catch eyes, and all of the existing customers of the CASTEL 10’x12′ hardtop gazebo said that their friends were super impressed!

It includes other accessories. You get the nuts, bolts, and tools you need to put it together. No insane handyman skill needed – phew!

It’s all season, too! You should clear snow off the roof whenever you can, but you do not have to worry about the CASTEL rusting if it’s left outside, even if it’s wintertime and it snows all winter. Yes, we’re serious. With a small price increase, you get a ton of extra goodies that you don’t with cheaper gazebos. We REALLY recommend this one.

The only bad part is a long setup time. You should expect to take a few extra hours. Setup is doable with one person, but easier with two.

So, are you a luxurious person?

If you are, the CASTEL should be your choice. It’s the normal gazebo size, but there are tons of features that lesser gazebos just don’t have.

Click here to go to the product page, or see another similar hardtop gazebo that you might be interested in. (It’s a little cheaper, if you don’t care about the doors!)

Another look at the CASTEL 10'x12' gazebo to help you make your decision.

Another look at the CASTEL 10’x12′ gazebo to help you make your decision.


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