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Not everyone has the want – or need – for a massive gazebo. If your yard isn’t particularly large or you don’t care about having a really big outdoor space, a 10’x10′ gazebo like the Palram Palermo will suit you perfectly.

As we just said, the space inside is 100 square feet. If that were a room in your house, it would be a really small room – like, the smallest bedroom you can get, or a really big closet. But outside, and especially because the nets on the Palermo are detatchable, 100 square feet actually isn’t that bad. It’s enough for a table and four chairs. Although there won’t be much room left over, four people can sit inside comfortably.

Key features of the Palermo 3000

Looks good!

Looks good!

An above-and-beyond roof. Most hardtop gazebo roofs are just made of metal or aluminum. The Palermo uses┬ápolycarbonate panels. They let a little light through, but keep all of the UV light at bay. So, you can relax outside and enjoy the sun, but you don’t have to risk catching a sunburn. Not bad.

Points to hang plants and lights. You would think this would be a standard feature on all gazebos, right? Wrong. Most don’t give you places to hang anything, which means you have to put lights and flowers on the table(s) inside or on the ground. With this hardtop gazebo feature, you can decorate your gazebo to your heart’s desire and make it look like it belongs in your yard.

Includes the stuff you need. Such as an anchor kit (to bolt your gazebo down and make sure it doesn’t blow away or tip over), and even rain gutters so that you can use your gazebo when it’s raining outside. (Most can’t do that!)

Ridiculously long warranty. Most other companies will give you one, three, or five years… you get TEN with the Palermo 3000! The warranty is limited, but it covers most stuff. Just don’t damage it yourself (or don’t let your kids damage it) and you’re good to go.

Ridiculously easy to assemble. Most gazebos are easy to assemble, but the Palermo is almost laughable. Most of the parts slide right into each other without the need for tools. Past that, the instructions are fantastic, and one of the “selling points” is that the Palermo 3000 hardtop gazebo can be put together easily with just one person. Other gazebos will make you get one or two other people to help, which is a luxury you might not have.

Is 10′ x 10′ too small for me?

visual representation of small gazeboThe only real question you have to answer when deciding whether to buy the Palermo 3000 or not is if you need more space.

10′ x 10′ is small. Small is good for single people, couples, and those with one child. Four people can fit inside, but three people can relax comfortably.

If you have more family members than that, or you hope to entertain guests, we would recommend upgrading to another one on our site. You can find gazebos on the homepage that are larger, almost the same price (though without the specialized roof), and perfect for anyone who wants to hang out with three or more other people inside.

[box type=”alert”]NOTE: Curtains are included!!![/box]

Some pictures of 10×10 to get you thinking

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Click here to go to the product page, or click here to read about other great gazebo that’s pretty similar in price, size, and everything else!


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