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Winter Gazebo

Your gazebo could be in this landscape – if you do it right!

Planning on going out into your new hardtop this winter? Make sure you keep the following tips in mind, or you may find yourself not enjoying the experience.

You’ll need doors or a great screen for your hardtop

Hardtop gazebos usually offer relief from the shade, which is a big plus in the summer. But in the winter, that utility is no longer helpful, seeing as the winter sun is relatively weak. In order to fully enjoy your gazebo in the winter, you need to turn it into more of a room.

In order to turn it into a room, you need doors or heavy screens – no ifs, ands, or buts. If you don’t have one of these two things, it’s like you’re sitting outside in the freezing winter air, which isn’t enjoyable for anyone.

You’ll need a heater

Inside of an enclosed winter hardtop gazebo, the air will be slightly warmer because it is protected by the walls and gets a little bit of insulation. But it’s not much – that’s probably only five or ten degrees warmer than outside.

Get a portable heater if you want to really use your gazebo in the winter. You can run an extension cord from inside to outside to get your gazebo nice and toasty. The windows will usually fog up, giving you a relaxing atmosphere to read or relax in.

You’ll need to watch out for snow on the gazebo roof

When your gazebo is out in the winter, it’s exposed to the elements. Because most hardtops are made with stainless steel or aluminum, rust isn’t something you have to worry about. But you do have to worry about the structure itself! A gazebo isn’t as strong as a house – it has just four legs supporting it.

Make sure to get the snow off the roof of the gazebo in the wintertime. When you do this, you ensure the gazebo doesn’t collapse, and you make it easier to heat, too.

You’ll need to make sure you actually use it

All of this preparation might not be worth it if you plan to use it just once or twice. Try to set a schedule and go into your gazebo a few times a week to see the fruits of your labor.

It’s worth it if you use it. Happy winter and stay warm! Best wishes from the team at Best Hardtop Gazebos.


Gazebos were traditionally designed to spend time in the garden, away from home to enjoy the outdoor view. During the Oriental times, gazebos were used as tea houses or social gathering places to enjoy various ceremonies. Some of the best gazebos are available online as well as in selected outlets. Costco is one of the preferred websites to buy some of the best gazebos.

Here are the top 5 hardtop gazebos from Costco. Go to Costco to follow along with our reviews!

Monte Carlo Octagonal Aluminum Roof Gazebo

Considered as one of the top selling Costco gazebos, the Monte Carlo gazebo is priced at $2,799.99 and is made up of high quality, long-lasting aluminum and steel frame. The gazebo is further coated with grey-black rust-proof powder, with wind escapement roof.


– It is shaped octagonal.

– The roof panels are rust-proof and do not leave any stains on the patio. The roof’s various aluminum layers are covered with polyethylene.

– It has a roof that results in reduced noise during harsh weather.

– The gazebo is designed for all the 4 seasons.

– It consists of an anchoring system.

–  It is available in black and grey color

– Dimensions: 14ft x 14ft

– Weight: 418 lb.

Palram Roma Garden Gazebo

Rated as one of the best sellers of Costo, the Roma shelter is priced at $2,799.99. The gazebo can not just be used as a sheltering object, but also as a garden centerpiece.  The gazebo is designed with waterproof and rust proof articles which are maintenance-free. Its hexagonal shaped design easily lets it anchor on any surface.


– Designed to withstand snow loads and extreme weather.

–  Ready and easy to assemble with just two people.

–   Consists of aluminum body that is coated with anthracite powder.

–  It is treated with bronze glazing and is virtually unbreakable.

Seville 12’x12’ Soft Top Gazebo

One of the best sellers of Costco, the Seville gazebo is priced at $1,899.99. Its unique feature is the wind-escaping roof that is made up of high quality Sunbrella fabric. The gazebo’s framework is made up of aluminum and is powder coated for a long lasting effect. Note that this is NOT a hardtop gazebo, but still very popular.


– The gazebo is attractively colored in dark brown.

– It consists of reinforced corners for additional strength.

–  Its upper framework is powder coated.

– Its posts are made up of wicker.

– Its fabric is stain and fade resistant and is UV protected.

Laurentin Octagonal 16’x14’ 6” Gazebo

One of the best sellers of Costco, the Laurentin is priced at $ 1,899.99. The dark brown colored gazebo is powder coated for long lasing and rust-free effect. The frame is made up of aluminum and steel, and consists of Gutters and 2 porcelain shelves.


– The gazebo’s posts are made up of aluminum with steel inserts.

– Its interior corners are made up of steel for increased strength.

–  Its roof is made up of durable material that is further powder coated.

–  It consists of a porcelain tile shelf.

Siena 12’ x 12’ Hard Top Gazebo

Considered as one of the best sellers of Costco, the Siena gazebo is priced at $1,999.99. The fashionably designed gazebo is black colored and is powder-coated for a long lasting effect. Its aluminum composite roof consists of twin layer that is dome shaped. The gazebo’s entire frame and roof is powder coated with the roof having the wind-escape feature.


– The gazebo consists of aluminum roof, with a mix of steel.

– Its roof is dome shaped, which is coated with rust-free powder.

– The gazebo is designed to withstand any type of weather.


With countless number of gazebos available today in the market, it becomes really difficult to decide and buy a perfect gazebo for your outdoor space. Choosing an apt gazebo is difficult as each gazebo comes with a variety of options. It is always better to first narrow down on your gazebo needs and choose an appropriate one.

Here are the top 5 K Mart Hardtop Gazebos. Go to KMart to follow along.

Essential Garden Mission Creek  Hardtop Gazebo

The Essential Garden Mission Creek is known as one of the best sellers of K Mart. Priced at $799.99, the Essential Garden Mission Creek has an attractive design and is colored in neutral brown color. The gazebo is a perfect garden accessory for outdoor privacy and can be used throughout the year.


– It is made up of a heavy-duty metal frame.

– It is made up of high quality aluminum hat that is power-coated for long lasting durability and a finished look.

– It consists of poly-carbonated roof panels that not only provide shade to a spacious area, but also block the UV rays.

– It comes with an attached mosquito net to keep the insects at bay.

– It consists of brown colored hardtop and frame that can blend well with other furniture.

Hardtop Gazebo with Netting

Rated as one of the best selling gazebos on K Mart, the Grand Resort is priced at $799.99. Considered perfect for private parties, the Grand Resort can accommodate a large number of people outdoors. It consists of a hardtop that is attached to mosquito netting, and it is rust-resistant.


– The hardtop gazebo is available in brown color.

– The frame comes with a zippered mosquito net, with retractable panels.

– It is not only weather-resistant, but is also water-proof.

– It includes ground stakes that can be easily installed.

– It consists of polycarbonate roof panels, and a rust-free steel frame.

BBQ Pro Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo

Known as one of the top sellers of K Mart, the BBQ Pro Steel Gazebo is priced at $474.99. Suitably designed for BBQ parties, the gazebo is made up of superior quality aluminum. Its aluminum frame is sturdily built to resist extreme weather and is rust-resistant too.


– The gazebo comes with two side placing panels, to place various objects.

–  Its aluminum frame is rust-resistant with ED coating.

–  It is an overall grill gazebo.

– It consists of a steel hardtop roof.

– It comes with stacks that can be used for law applications.

Gazebo Penguin 12’ x 16’ Four Season Gazebo

Rated as one of the best selling gazebos on K Mart, it is a perfect outdoor sheltering garden accessory. Priced at $1727.09, the Gazebo Penguin is apt for summers.  The fashionably crafted gazebo comes with durable mosquito net that keeps the insects at bay. We have also reviewed this gazebo here.


–  It is a perfect fit around swimming pools and patios.

– It comes with privacy screening and curtains.

– Its curtains can either be let lose or tied to the posts.

– Its screening is made up of fiberglass.

– It consists of interior hooks for lighting accessories.

Grand Resort Square Gazebo with Screen Doors

Known as one of the best sellers of K Mart, the Hardtop Gazebo is priced at $1799.99. The gazebo is made up of superior quality metal and consists of 2 screen doors. It also consists of sling screens that will keep the insects at bay.


– It consists of multiple screen doors.

– It is powder coated to give an elegant look, and is scratch-resistant.

– Its roof is made up of poly carbonate and promotes UV blocking.

– It has a sling screen that keeps the insects at bay.

– It also consists of various stakes.

However, it is always important that one practically checks the gazebo on location, while measuring the outdoor location before buying it.  One should choose a location that is not only spacious, but can also act as a centerpiece to the garden.

Be it for relaxing in a garden with fresh smelling flowers and a light breeze or to escape the scorching heat falling right on top of your face; a gazebo is one such garden accessory that not only adds refinement to a garden space, but also provides seating/resting space for any number of people according to its size. Apart from just acting a shielding item, gazebos also add a rustic charm to one’s garden space. They’re made up different materials, ranging from metal to wood etc. Gazebos are either sold in selected outlets or are available online. One such popular website known for selling remarkable hardtop gazebos is Sam’s Club.

Here are the top 5 hardtop gazebos from Sam’s Club. Go to the official website to follow along. Or, navigate to our homepage filled with hardtop gazebos for a buying guide and more.

Member’s Mark Royal Hardtop Gazebo

This Member’s Mark Royal Hardtop Gazebo is one of the bestsellers of Sam’s Club and is rated as almost a 5 star product. The hardtop gazebo is priced at $1,299 and can be conveniently used to increase one’s garden space.


–  It is rectangular in shape and is traditionally styled to blend with other garden furniture.

– It is made up of premium quality aluminium and steel and is coated with rust-proof powder.

– It consists of a rust-free aluminium body, as it is a light-weight metal and can be easily shaped.

– It is hand-painted with rust-proof powder to give a lasting effect and finished look.

– Designed to have room for dining and deep seating furniture.

–  Has a wind rating of 9, 50-63 mph.

– Dimensions: 12’L x 12’W x 11.6’H

Mulford Sam’s Club Hardtop Gazebo

Mulford Hardtop Gazebo is also considered as one of the top selling hardtop gazebos, and an exclusive one by Sam’s Club. The gazebo is priced at $2,999 and is made up of superior quality aluminium and steel.


– The gazebo posts are made up of aluminium and its roof of steel frame.

–  It is coated with rust-proof powder to avoid it from chipping or corrosion.

– It has a classic design with vented roof facilities to provide free air flow and maximum shade from the sun.

–  It consists of anchoring bolts along with stainless steel hardware that offers greater stability.

– It has a vast footprint of up to 160 square feet of hardtop roof.

– Weight: 496 lbs.

Sojag Portland Wall Mounted Gazebo

One of the best sellers of Sam’s Club, the gazebo is priced between $1,268 -1,398, depending on its size. Assembled in China, this outdoor furniture piece is carefully designed with premium quality aluminium to withstand extreme weathers.


–  The Portland gazebo has a durable galvanized steel roof that is covered with superior quality rust-proof aluminium frame.

– It comes with a nylon mosquito net and is suitable for dining without worrying about bugs.

– Its high quality spun polyester curtains offers not just privacy, but also additional level of sun protection.

Sojag Verona Hardtop Gazebo

Available in three sizes, it is priced between $769- $959. The Verona shelter gazebo is fashionably designed with clean lines. The roof is made up of 6mm poly-carbonate sheets that protect one from sun and rain.


– It is available in dark grey color

– It consists of a rust-proof aluminum frame

– Its roof is UV-protected with 6mm thick polycarbonate sheet panels that are tinted for partial sunlight.

– Its mosquito netting and curtains have double track system.

– It has PVC-coated polyester mosquito mesh with netting.

Sojag Meridiens Hardtop Gazebo

One of the best sellers of Sam’s Club, the Meridiens is priced between $958 -$1,468. Its design is a combination of classic and modern touch. Made up of aluminium, the roof measures about 8mm of poly-carbonate substance that protects from the UV rays.


– It is resistant to rain and extreme hot weather.

-It is available in various sizes and in dark gray color.

– It has a rust-resistant aluminium frame.

– It has mosquito netting and curtains with double track system.

– Its mosquito mesh netting is PVC-coated and is made up of polyester.


Gazebos are designed in various shapes with different colors. Gazebos are not just one type of sheltering units; they also include kiosks, pavilions, follies and pergolas. Gazebos have been mainly used during sunny climates. They’re popularly sold online on various reputed websites. One such website is Sears which is known for its durable and fashionable gazebos.

Here are the top 5 Sears Hardtop gazebos. Navigate to Sears to get started. Or, check out our homepage for hardtop gazebos of all shapes and sizes.

Grand Resort 10’x 12’ Hardtop Gazebo

Known as one of the best sellers of Sears, the Grand Resort is priced at $799.99. Its key features include a hardtop that consists of a weather-proof mosquito net. Its rectangular shape makes it perfect for any type of gathering, thereby providing maximum coverage from the sunlight.


–  The gazebo is weather-resistant and is water proof.

– The rooftop consists of a durable zippered mosquito net with retractable panels.

– It comes with ground stakes that makes it easy to install.

– It has polycarbonate roof panels with a rust-free steel frame.

BBQ Pro Steel Hard Top Grill Gazebo

Rated as one of the top selling gazebos of Sears, the BBQ Pro shelter is priced at $474.99. This stylishly designed overall grill gazebo is apt for any type of outdoor space and is available with steel shelving and two posts. Its body is rust-free and is suitable for any weather.


– Its overall color is black.

– It consists of a hardtop roof made up of steel.

–  The gazebo is power coated and is scratch-resistant.

–  Its heavy-duty steel frame comes with rust-resistant ED coating.

Hardtop Gazebo with Integrated Speakers

One of the top selling gazebos on Sears, the Grand Resort is priced at $1999.99. This hardtop gazebo is available with built-in speakers on each of its posts. The speakers can be played in two different ways, and are compatible with any device.


– The hardtop consists of 4 speakers.

– Its overall color is brown.

– Its roof material is made up of durable fabric.

–  Its frame is made up of steel.

Essential Garden Mission Creek

Considered as one of the top selling gazebos of Sears, the Essential Garden Mission is priced at $799.99. The gazebos neutral brown color makes it a perfect garden accessory. Its frame is made up of aluminum, which is not only durable, but is also rust-free.


– It is made up of power coated aluminum that offers long lasting durability.

– Its roof panels are polycarbonated and are UV protected.

– It comes with an attached mosquito net.

Gazebo Penguin 8’x16’ Add-a-Room Solarium

Rated as one of the top selling gazebos on Sears, the Penguin is priced at $2251.49. Built with premium quality aluminum, the gazebo consists of a reinforced roof with 2 sliding doors and wind panels with 5 positions. One can use this gazebo for a barbeque party or any other social gathering under any weather.


–  The roof and windows of the gazebo are smoke-colored.

–  It comes with a 4-season solarium shelter.

– The gazebo consists of a polycarbonate roof.

– It comes with 5-position wind panels that result in increased air flow.

– It consists of an extruded aluminum structure.

– Its doors can be positioned in any direction.

– It comes with screens that are easy to remove and replace.

Cheap and accessible - that's why we love Walmart hardtop gazebos!

Cheap and accessible – that’s why we love Walmart hardtop gazebos!

Be it for a weekend kitty party, or to give your garden a seating space for those evening snacks, adding a gazebo to your garden or any outdoor space will always be advantageous.

Here are the top 5 hardtop gazebos from Walmart. If you prefer to buy from Amazon (the gazebos are cheaper and better), visit the hardtop gazebo homepage and browse there.

Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge

Rated as one of the best sellers of Walmart, this gazebo is priced at $499. Elegantly designed, the gazebo comes with zippered mesh curtains. Available in black, it is rust-resistant and has a fabric that blocks the UV rays.


– It has a weather-proof powder coating.

– It is rust-resistant and is easy to assemble.

– It is made up of superior quality metal.

Better Homes and Gardens Archfield Hardtop Gazebo

Rated as one of the best selling gazebos of Walmart, this Archfield Hardtop Gazebo is apt for barbeque parties. Made out of study metal, the gazebo adds a classic look to your garden. It is weather resistant and is priced at $299.


– Its aluminum frame is rust-proof and water-proof.

–  It comes with 2 tempered glass shelves to place objects.

–  It comes with solid poly-carbonated top and also has ground stakes.

Sujoy Mayfield Hardtop Gazebo, Light Brown

Considered as one of the top selling gazebos of Walmart, the Sujoy Mayfield is priced at $1,784. The gazebo comes with a vented canopy and a plastic composite cupola. It is weather resistant and has a powder-coated finish.


– It consists of aluminum and steel frame.

– Its roof is dual-tiered with a soft plastic upper copula that allows soft light inside.

– It offers shade over a spacious area.

Systems Trading Monte Carlo Gazebo

Rated as one of the best sellers of Walmart, the Systems Trading Monte Carlo Gazebo is priced at $3,225. This octagonal gazebo consists of an aluminum frame that is not only weather resistant, but is also rust-proof. The gazebo provides shade over a large area and can be used throughout the year.


– The gazebo is designed with superior quality metal that can be used throughout the year.

– It consists of aluminum composite panels that offer not only insulation, but also durability and noise reduction.

– It is made up of heavy-gauge aluminum.

– Its aluminum roof consists of 2 layers and an air vent.

– It is not only powder –coated, but also has a painted finish.

– It comes with a 10-year warranty.

– It is available in black color.

STC Santa Monica Gazebo with Hard Top Roof

Known as one of the top sellers of Walmart, the STC Santa Monica is priced at $2,299. The gazebo is made out of heavy-gauge aluminum and is power-coated for weather and rust resistant. It also consists of roof panels that provide ample amount of shade in a garden.


– It is made up of superior quality aluminum.

– The gazebo is powder-coated in black to resist harsh weather.

– It can withstand any type of wind load and snow load.

These gazebos are intricately designed to both cater to your needs as well as act as a centerpiece in your garden. They can either be placed near a swimming pool or amidst plants, as suitable for your needs.


Who wouldn’t want to relax in a sweet-smelling garden under a cosy gazebo during summers? Adding an attractive gazebo to your garden will not only give you an opportunity to spend beautiful evenings with your loved ones in your garden, but will also give you the opportunity to entertain your guests on any occasion.

Here are some of the best selling gazebos from Wayfair, one of the most famous brands known for their home furnishings. Click here to navigate to Wayfair and begin browsing.

DISCLAIMER: We always recommend buying from Amazon. Visit the homepage to see the best hardtop gazebos available on

Dakota 10’x12’ Gazebo

Rated as one of the top selling gazebos from Wayfair, the Dakota is priced at $1279.99. The gazebo acts as an ideal sheltering object that is made up of aluminium and steel. What makes it more comfortable is its attached mosquito netting, which can be used to keep the insects at bay.


– The gazebos legs are made up of aluminium and roof of steel from high quality metals.

– Its galvanized steel roof is waterproof and weather proof.

– It is available in dark brown color and has two-track system.

– It is weather-proof, rust-proof and can be used throughout the year.

Four Season 12ft. W x 16ft. D Gazebo

Rated as one of the best selling gazebos on Wayfair, the Four Season Gazebo is priced at $1969.99. The gazebo can be used throughout the year in any season and is available with zippered curtains that block the UV rays.


– The gazebo’s legs are made up of high quality aluminium and its roof material is made up of plastic.

–  It is rust-free and is specifically designed for a hot climate.

– It is available with hooks to fix lighting accessories.

– It is rectangular in shape and is colored brown.

–  It has a powder coated finish, is water resistant and rot-resistant.

Four Season 12ft. W x 14ft. D Gazebo

Known as one of the best sellers of Wayfair, the Four Season Gazebo is priced at $1806.79.The elegantly designed gazebo is made up of aluminium and steel and is weather resistant.


– It is available with zippered curtains and netting that block the UV rays.

– Gutter system can be easily installed.

– It is weather-proof and rust-proof and is powder-coated.

Four Season Solarium 12ft. W x 18 ft. D Aluminum Gazebo

Rated as one of the best sellers of Wayfair, the Four Season Solarium Gazebo is priced at $3,799.99. Made up of aluminum and plastic, the gazebo is weather resistant and is rust-proof. It is octagonal in shape and is powder coated to provide a fine finish.


– Its wind panels are designed for maximum air circulation.

– It is rust-resistant and can be used throughout the year.

– Its hardware finish has powder-coated finish.

Meridien 16ft. W x 11 ft. Gazebo

This five-star rated gazebo is one of the best sellers of Wayfair. It is priced at $1,599.99. The gazebo is elegantly designed with an aluminum frame and poly-carbonate roof that blocks the UV rays. It is water-proof, weather-proof and comes with a nylon mosquito net.


– The gazebo is charcoal colored.

– It has a two-track system and includes 6 posts instead of just 4.

– It can be used throughout the year in any weather.

– It is rectangular in shape and is powder-coated to provide a fine finish.

All of these gazebos are made out of superior quality material, with attention to detail and can be used for any purpose with their specific features. These top 5 gazebos are manufactured by Sojag and Gazebo Penguin.

Small, medium, or large? Which size of hardtop gazebo is right for you?

Small, medium, or large? Which size of hardtop gazebo is right for you?

Add charm and comfort to your outdoor area with a hardtop gazebo that will let you spend your summers amidst fresh smelling flora and fauna or simply relax by the poolside. But how can one get the best gazebo? Or how can one choose an appropriate size according to the available space? Since hardtop gazebos are mostly preferred and are quite popular, here are some important ideas on how you can choose a hardtop gazebo size.

Choosing Your Size of Hardtop Gazebo

  • Before you shortlist on the type of a gazebo, ensure that you have planned on where the gazebo will be installed. The space where the shelter will be installed is an important factor and should be always 6ft away from swimming pools, fences, plants, doors or any other object.
  • Once you have decided about the place for the gazebo in your garden, measure it with the help of another person. However, if you’re looking to accommodate large number of people under your gazebo, you should ensure that the chosen area is spacious and can easily accommodate the gazebo.
  • Consider the type of outdoor area the gazebo is going to be installed in. If it is a large lawn with just grass and trees farther, it is always best to go for the largest gazebo, as this will let you enjoy the serene beauty of the lawn. But, if your garden is too small, with a lot of shrubs, trees and flowering plants, choosing a beautifully designed gazebo of smaller size would be the best option.
  • You should ensure that the gazebo you’ve planned to buy is neither too big nor too small, as it might not just look unattractive, but will also cause a hole in your pocket.
  • You should know that gazebos can either add charm to your garden, or make your garden look abandoned, if too big in size.
  • You should decide about the size of the gazebo based clearly on your needs. If you’re looking for a gazebo only for luxury purposes, then you can opt for a bigger one with intricate designs. Or if you’re looking for a gazebo for a gathering, you can make a reasonable investment in it.  However, you should know that the more sophisticated a gazebo looks, the more money you will have to invest.
  • Another important factor to consider before buying an appropriate sized gazebo would be your budget. If you’re willing to pay a substantial amount for a good looking gazebo, you can plan accordingly. You can, however, buy cheap gazebos which might be an eye sore to your garden rather than a charm.
  • Yet another factor to choose a right-sized gazebo would be the size and type of the roof the gazebo has. Each gazebo is differently shaped; from octagonal to rectangular, circular and so on. Consider the type of roof size a gazebo has and the amount of space it will cover. Since a gazebo roof is larger than the poles, you should measure the installing space according to the roof rather than the poles.
  • Consider the placement of other furniture under the gazebo. If you’re looking forward to adding a dozen chairs and a dining table under the gazebo, it is always a wise idea that you get a bigger sized gazebo.
  • However, there can be other points to think of while choosing a gazebo based on individual preferences.

With countless number of garden accessories being innovated, it has become a trend as well as a need to decorate an outdoor area with different accessories. One such accessory is the garden gazebo. Gazebos are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and specifications. They are also forms of follies, rotundas, kiosks and alhambras, all of which are structures from the ancient age. Some of the famous gazebo structures include the Montacute House, situated in Somerset, the Elton on the Hill in Nottinghamshire etc.

However, over the time, gazebos have been made up of various materials such as wood, aluminum, steel and even plastic. Gazebos can be either temporary or permanent, with hard top or soft top. A large number of outdoor spaces sport hard top gazebos as they’re known to withstand any type of weather and can be used throughout the year.

Even if you have figured out on the type of hardtop gazebo to buy according to your needs, it isn’t easy to assemble one for a layman. Here are some ideas on how to assemble a hardtop gazebo:


  • Since any gazebo accommodates a vast area in a garden, it is important that you maintain safety measures before installing one. It is always better that you hire handymen who can flawlessly assemble the hardtop gazebo, to avoid any damage or collapse of the gazebo in future.
  • If you’re a pro at assembling a gazebo, it is important that you carefully follow the instructions on the booklet before installing it in the garden.
  • Some of the basic tools you need to assemble a gazebo are a ladder, a hammer and a screwdriver. Since a gazebo is quite heavy usually, one should avoid installing it all alone at any cost.
  • Make sure that the area where the gazebo will be placed is not less than 6 feet away from other objects or barricades, including electrical lines.
  • Normally, six people are recommended for the safe assembly of a gazebo. People installing the gazebo should wear suitable gear while assembling it.
  • If the gazebo is being installed on a grass ground, stakes should be used. And for gazebos to be installed on a wooden deck or a concrete surface, you should get suitable fasteners.
  • You should check for all the nuts and bolts if they’re secured tightly. Also, it is important that you secure permissions with the authorities if needed.

How to Install

  • Begin with installing stakes or fasteners in the ground, as suitable/ recommended. Once you have firmly secured the stakes in place, attach the posts to them depending on their number. Some posts might need their particular installations, which should be done after reading the booklet.
  • Once you have created a foundation for the gazebo, move on to installing the entire hardtop roof as per the booklet. Avoid tightening of all the screws, as you may have to remove them if you’ve installed them incorrectly.
  • The third step would be to install the top most part of the hardtop gazebo. Read the booklet carefully before you install the top most part of the hardtop gazebo. Although this might sound like the easiest part of the installation, it requires precise technique to install.
  • The next and final step would be to complete the finishing look of the gazebo by installing the additional accessories and hooks that are needed for a firm installation.

Therefore, following the above steps and also seeking the help of the instruction booklet will let you easily set up a gazebo.


A beautifully-decorated gazebo!

A beautifully-decorated gazebo!

A perfectly placed and cozily decorated gazebo is sure to attract your guests. Most people look for a shade in a sunny and beautiful landscape. An outdoor party is so much more sophisticated when you have a gazebo which serves as both a shelter and an attraction point. It remains as a focal point to the landscape of garden, making the whole place look prettier than ever before.

What else can a gazebo be used for?

It is not always for entertaining, gazebos could always be a place for nature lovers too. People who love to admire the beauty of their lawn while sipping a cup of coffee, or reading a nice book or even taking a break from their hectic work schedule prefer a gazebo, of course each preferring their own design to it. The beauty of it lies in the fact that it could be decorated in both simple and lavish ways and still remains to be a beauty.


How to start designing

houseA gazebo could be designed in such a way that its décor is coordinated with the house. If the house has furniture set up in a traditional way, a few in the gazebo with similar taste will complement its beauty. A chandelier similar to the interiors of the house and some seasonal plants growing all over the roof will just be like a topping on a dessert. When you have a hard top gazebo, you have the luxury to decorate it with hanging chandeliers and potted plants all over. The plants could be hung from the ceiling as well. This will fill up the place if you do not have enough plants in your garden.

If you want to keep it simple and elegant, just hanging a hammock will do the trick. Side tables to go with the hammock will be the only other furniture apart from the beautiful potted plants here and there. If you like color coordinated stuff, then going in for a subtle green for all the furniture and ceramic pots, is a good idea. Choosing pale colors for the drapes and furniture cushions will enhance the look even further. If you love dining outside, then nothing like a dining set in your gazebo for a fine dining experience.


A modern touch

If you are into modern day décor, then trying out some statues and putting them close to pillars of the gazebo adds to the beauty. Converting it into an enhanced room is easy with a hard top gazebo. Just add some curtains for privacy, have a recliner sofa and a cozy coffee table. The place is ready for a silent evening with a book or some alone time with a laptop.

You could go colorful in the Asian style and start decorating your gazebo with some pretty choice of colors. Pink and orange will be an irresistible combination for drapes. If you have the gazebo by the pool, reclining furniture and a side table will be a perfect combination of furniture. Choosing the right furniture is the most important part of the décor and entirely depends upon how you will be putting it to use. Choosing neutral furniture which could be used in multiple situations will work. After all a gazebo could be used for meditation, dining, party entertainment, some alone time, or to take break from the pool. A shady interior to protect you from the sun while you enjoy the day or a well lit place in your garden on a dark night; it works both ways.

Sometimes, decorations don't need to be flashy. Consider upgrading the infrastructure of your gazebo with grated panels for a modern look.

Sometimes, decorations don’t need to be flashy. Consider upgrading the infrastructure of your gazebo with grated panels for a modern look.